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Posted by Melda Research on May 6th, 2019

Learning, Earning and Parenting Program (LEAP) is a program that aims at ensuring that young parents who become pregnant while still learning can continuously access their right to education (Brian, John, Jillian, & George, 2006). LEAP promotes school attendance and joining classroom sessions for pregnant and parenting teenagers. Secondary schools, colleges, and universities should facilitate and promote the LEAD program to ensure that young ladies who become pregnant while learning continues with their education. Proper maternal caring, incentives and favorable environments such as clinics, special diets, and medical checkups should be provided within the school compound (Bers, & Younger, 2014). Financial support from well wishers and government should also be provided in the institutions of higher learning to support pregnant and parenting teenagers.

High school set up should incorporate training and seminars to create awareness to the students based on early parenting (Wood, 1995). Training and seminars should focus on providing students with courage in dealing with cases such as dropping out of learning institutions as a result of pregnancy. School community teachers, students, and other staff should embrace, handle and treat pregnant and teenagers in respect while eliminating any stigma. Learning institution should promote LEAP through providing rewards, gifts as well as recognizing those who attend classes regularly. Grants and support finances should be distributed to parents based on attendance registers (Lakind, Eddy, & Zell, 2014). Counseling sessions such as career counseling, life styles as well as being encouraged to focus on being independent, and investors should be introduced. Direct incentives such as monthly allowances should be provided to support their small families. Institutions of higher learning should enhance the introduction of business programs to enlighten young adults to manage and plan effectively.


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