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Performance evaluation programs indicate that employers are genuinely interested in employees’ performance and development. This has a positive influence on employees’ commitment, sense of worth and belonging.  The performance evaluation may be self or those conducted by individuals.  Self-assessment may be characterized by disconnects because employees may have a perception of stronger performance more that they actually exuded throughout the year.  When an employee’s self-evaluation is not an accurate reflection of their actual performance, the manager should be prepared to give clear reasoning for the differences in ratings.

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The remedy is to ensure that the employee understands that the self-evaluation does not reflect their performance. The manager should also ensure that they are responsible for the initial documentation and take ownership for monitoring and documenting performance highlights and concerns. However, the manager should not interfere with the self-evaluation rather regularly provide open and transparent feedbacks. Employees get clear performance measures as a result of joint dialogue and open communication.

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The practice might create a problem because the evaluation forms the basis for supervisor and employees to identify and agree upon individual training and development needs.  Management use appraisal data to monitor the success of recruitment and induction practices.  When wrong measures are awarded, the organization chooses uses the faulty criteria for evaluation of employees (Aguinis, 2009).  This may render performance management worthless and even have a negative impact on organization’s strategies. It may also negatively affect other employees’ morale particularly when a few employees claim the lion’s share of the rewards.  Additionally, the practice may discourage creativity as employees fixate on productivity. As a result, they may lose morale, self-esteem and create resentment towards management if they feel that they were evaluated unfairly.


Aguinis, H. (2009). Performance management. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.

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