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Posted by loreen on May 6th, 2019

Welling up of tears in eyes is a response to pain, sadness, happiness, joy, emotional state, anger, bad situation or irritation in eyes. There are enormous ways of crying depending on the type of emotionsyou arein sobbing, weeping, wailing, whimpering, bawling, blubbering are the different forms of crying.

Crying is natural chemical composition and has neuronal connection between the lacrimal gland (tear duct) and the areas of human brain. Tearsevolved during emotional crying hasgreat quantities of hormones, but is it really possible to cry without any emotions or pretending to cry with tears rolling down the cheeks, well yes it is possible to fake cry, certain situations may impel you to show off that watery substance like when you want to manipulate your situation a few tears may earn you little mercy or generosity from spouse or parents

Here are the few approaches dwelled up to satisfy your motivation on how to make yourself-cry.

o    Down memory lane: tap your most sensuous and emotional memory and try to recall the past emotional memories with extreme concentration and soak yourself into that feeling again, you will feel a slight charge in your body and tears welling up in eyes, always try to connect yourself with your most extreme emotions, if you arean actor or theatre artist you must certainly be knowing how to make your self-cry.

o    Eyes wide:open your eyes wide and and stare at something constantly for10- 20 seconds, you will find your eyes teary this is the quickest way to learn How To Make Yourself Cry.

o    Useonions: The most traditional method and 100 % guaranteed waterworks, cut a raw onion and take whiff close to your eyes this will provoke tears to roll down on your cheeks, it’s the most effective and dramatic way.

o    The mentholmethod: How to make your self-cry without being in emotional state is an art, TV and film actor are the masters of it. A menthol tear stick and menthol tear producers are tools to produce tears as both works as a spray and immediate results can be observed.

o    Tap your fears: line up all your fears and scary moments you have been throughtry to remember how you overcome all those fearful moments with difficulties it will make you cry naturally.

o    Sniffle: Everyone is aware of the fact that when tear runs, nose runs, so to fake away you are crying snifflenow and then but keep it light easy and audible do not sniffle every time as you will lose its magical impression.

How to make yourself cry without an emotion is a difficult way to go around. It is something that everyone can’t perform easily it takes lot of technicalpracticeto make fake ones appear real ones. Actors are not the only one who knows how to spark the moment with tears but sometimes reality also demands wet and teary eyes.

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