Polarized logo sunglasses: Cutting The Glare in Style

Posted by Michel Brown on May 7th, 2019

Polarized Logo SunglassesSunglasses are undoubtedly a style statement that never goes wrong. But that’s not the real reason why people go for it in the first place. The need to protect eyes from harmful solar radiation and the eye diseases caused by exposure to UVA and UVB rays is the first ground for purchasing a pair of sunglasses.

Polarized logo sunglasses have been used for years by skiers, fishermen, golfers and everyone who faces prolonged exposure to solar radiation as well as the reflected glare from surfaces like water, ice, etc. And that’s not all. Vehicle drivers have found them to be highly effective in reducing the glare from the flat surfaces like the car’s hood or even the road.
Further, polarized logo sunglasses are highly recommended for various medical reasons like in post-cataract surgery patients, or those with extreme light sensitivity.
So, how do these lenses work? Read on to understand more on the working.

The working

So what happens when sunlight enters the earth’s atmosphere? As soon as light enters the atmosphere, it scatters in all directions. However, when it comes in contact with smooth flat surfaces like ice, water, roads, glasses, etc, it gets channelized in a uniform direction which is known as polarization. While this is of no consequence in general life, the polarized beams are dangerous as well as annoying due to the high-intensity glare that they create for people near these surfaces. The glare is not just annoying but also dangerous since it reduces visibility and causes medical concerns to the eyes.

Polarized logo sunglasses come with special filters which block the intensified light beams, thereby reducing the glare and improving the comfort and visibility for the users.
However, polarized sunglasses often create interference when viewing displays like LCDs, etc. While the problem may not appear significant, it can be crucial in scenarios where LCD display screens are used as information display panels for making a quick decision
All said Polarized logo sunglasses hence offer multiple advantages for people involved in active sports like ice skiing, rafting, fishing, etc.

Other options

Polarized logo sunglasses come with different lens choices. The ones with progressive lenses are great for those who stay outdoors for a significant number of hours. Others with photochromic lenses are also great for those spending significant time in the sun.
Various leading suppliers also offer the choice of providing an anti-reflective coating on the backside of the lenses to eliminate reflections that come when the sun is behind you.

Logo imprinting

While you’re choosing polarized shades to protect your eyes from the annoying glares, there are always options of working on your marketing game by the side. Most leading suppliers offer the choice of imprinting your company’s logo or tag line in designs and colors of your choice. While you may have your own design ideas for the same, leading suppliers always have a team of creative artists ready to assist you in creating a logo that you want.
Polarized logo sunglasses also work as great promotional giveaways and are often used as marketing products in corporate events. They are especially loved by the sports industry and make for an excellent gifting choice at a sports event.

If you’re an outdoors person or looking to host an outdoor event, Printsunglasses Polarized Logo Sunglasses make for an excellent gift that never fails to catch the appreciation of those who receive it.

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