Runescape Key to Lead You to Desperate Times Guide

Posted by kellybam on May 7th, 2019

If you are expecting to conquer the upcoming new quest RS3 Desperate Times coming along with the Song of Seren, you must first gain your qualification by completing the novice quests RuneScape You Are It and The Needle Skips. Learn the guide to the former and win you way into the new quest & runescape 3 gold .

You Are It quick guide

1.Chop the tree at 10 paces west and 10 paces south of the crate in McGrubor's Wood.
2.Read the mysterious clue scroll, then read it again after you talk to Reldo in Varrock Library.
3.Head to Lumbridge Castle and stand next to Duke Horacio on the 1st floor, then un-equip all your items, then perform the Cry and Panic emotes in order.
4.Head to the south-west corner of the Lumbridge cemetery, then use the mysterious clue's dig option.
5.Get into the POH portal in Rimmington.
6.Head to Draynor Manor and search the bookcase in the north-west corner of the first room to the west of the entrance to get the key to the casket.
7.Use the key to unlock the casket.
8.Head back to McGrubor's Wood with a rope. Dig 2 paces south of the crate, then inspect and descend the mysterious hole.
9.Follow the path to the end and investigate the coffin for a cutscene.
10.Investigate the mantle to the east. Then talk to Uri.

Complete “You Are It” for RS3 Desperate Time

Besides the rewards (like a Sealed clue scroll respectively on easy, medium and hard level, a puzzle casket and a old necklace...), the quest now also play an important role at granting you qualification to the upcoming new quest Desperate Times, where you’ll save all lives on Gielinor. Learn the guide so that you can enjoy the upcoming quest Song of Seren.

Now follow the guide to complete the You Are It RuneScape, and gain the access to RS3 Desperate Times. The Song of Seren event is coming, which means it is high time you buy RuneScape gold cheap from us.

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