7 important facts to consider when you wear fur for in a party

Posted by alencooper on May 7th, 2019

White snow is all around, you are feeling cold, and you have a party to attend! This is not only your scenario but also there are a lot of people who are facing the same. Winter is full of celebration but the cold and wind gust making it impossible to attend. When it is winter and too much cold outside, you need proper clothing at the first move. Maybe there are too many winter wear options available but if you are concern about party outerwear, you should not miss real fur this time.

Real fur is the purest symbol of class and elegance. And you know that these two features are truly important when you want to be center of attention. In the 1500s, only the Kings and high priests were allowed to enjoy the comfort and elegance of the finest fur. But now everyone can avail a fur jacket and enjoy the highest level of comfort and style.

Facts to care about when you wear fur

  1. White fur outerwear is versatile and you can carry it at nearly all the places. It goes with all kind of dresses regardless of the color. So, you can keep the white fur coat at the top of your list.
  2. If you are wearing a fur jacket, you should restrict yourself from taking a sling bag or handbag, especially which can leave a bad spot on your jacket. Actually, it is a common matter that if you place a bag strap over the coat, a particular place (shoulder) of the coat will be damaged. And you may need professional help to reshape it.
  3. You should apply perfume before wearing fur outerwear otherwise your outerwear will capture the smell and it is nearly impossible to remove the odor. And this odor slowly damages the coat.
  4. You should avoid pinning junk jewelry to your real fur coat. Actually, the weight of junk jewelry damages the shape of the coat. If you place the coat inside the closet with pinned jewelry, the coat will result in too fast damage, there will be strong spots and discoloration.
  5. If you need to sit in a place for a long period, you should take off the jacket. You cannot sit in a place for a long time by wearing a real fur jacket. All you can do to save the outerwear is, you can take off the jacket, sit and then place the coat over your lap just like a blanket. You will get cold protection, elegance as well as proper care for the jacket in this smart way.
  6. Along with these, you should take drink carefully because a little spill on your coat can result in bad marks and it is very hard to remove at home. You may need professional advice and care if something happens like that.
  7. After returning from the party, you need to shake off the jacket well in order to remove snow, little water, and dust. And then you need to hang it inside the closet near the air conditioner for at least twenty minutes and after that, you can place in inside the closet. You should always remember a fact that plastic bag is not a good choice; it damages the outerwear as it does not has any breathable properties. You should always go for 100% cotton bag. 
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