Bat the Bats

Posted by georgiabatcontrol on May 7th, 2019

These squeaky sounding nocturnal species with the super ability to emit ultrasonically waves to educate them about any barrier coming their way can be mostly seen in our attics. This is where the problem begins to build up. You have just found a way to get rid of maybe squirrels and here comes another species swarming to make your attic a comfortable abode.

Bats are not the creatures you can get rid of easily unlike squirrels that have a different intellect altogether. Bat removal from house requires a lot of effort and understanding. You might try to find out some promising techniques to keep these creatures at bay. Do these techniques may turn out to be fruitful? Here is what people affected by this problem normally do.

Moth balls or Naphthalene balls (Most commonly used)

Naphthalene balls or mothballs are easy to find at any of the grocery stores. Since bats are sensitive to strong odors, this is something that can easily drive them away however, the problem with this is they have to be replaced at regular intervals and also if your house is well ventilated the smell doesn't last for long making it ineffective to some extent.

Pepper spray

While bat removal sprays are easily available in the market, normal pepper sprays at times can help to remove those bats in attic. The problem with pepper sprays or bat repellent sprays is the same. You have to spray at regular intervals and it may again fail to do the job if it vanishes quickly because of the ventilation. You also need to make sure the bats are in there when you decide to use this and leave enough space for them to exit.

Block the entrance

It is really difficult to find out the entrance where these bats come in from into the attic. Once you have found that, you will have to look for some DIY techniques to create a one-way net or maybe some other ways out there to block their entrance and still give them a way to fly out. You need to make sure whatever it that you build is or set up is efficient enough not to let them enter once they are out.

You also need to make sure there are no young ones or female bats inside before you block the entrance. However, it may not work if you do not do it properly, so for Bat removal from house you must rely on experts. Calling wildlife removal services near your area will make things easy.

 Bats In Attic 

 Why call professionals quickly?

The best way is to always rely on professionals and there are a lot of entities out there to help you with this. Their approach is completely different and is based on facts and figures and their experience in the field. The professionals will not only consider the attic and the bats but will also go to the extent of identifying the species of the bats that have inhabited your attic and the acoustics of the house as well as the surroundings before they even take any action. Once they drive them away there are hardly any chances of them returning to your home.

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