How often to Use Hand Cream

Posted by aromamagic on May 7th, 2019

Hands are the tools that allow us to carry out our tasks at home and we should therefore accord them the required attention. From washing the dishes to typing on the computer, you use your hands on a daily basis and get overworked. Our hands age as fast as our face does- and they are exposed to pollution and UV Rays.

The creams applied on the hand are different from the ones used for parts of the body because hands require special care. They not only need to feel nice but also protected. For the day, you need to apply a hand cream that has some SPF. It is the best way to restore damaged hands, and at the same time ensure that they look younger and feel softer. After you apply a generous amount of hand cream as per usual, then put a pair of cotton gloves to keep them protected. While moisturising, remember to apply a generous amount of cream to your fingernails and cuticles.

Here is when to apply hand cream:

After washing or long contact with Water: Apply hand cream after long contact with water prevents wrinkles and cracks. Squeeze a good amount of hydrating lotion onto your hands after washing them and whenever they feel dry or dehydrated too.

After exposure to Chemicals: We often come in contact with chemicals in our daily lives. These chemicals take moisture out of the skin, leaving it dry. Applying hand cream after coming into contact with chemicals so that it can restore moisture and make your hands soft.

During Winters: hands tend to get drier during the cold months. You need to apply hand cream almost every now and then. It helps the skin hold water for moisture at a deep level.

Regularly after Bath: As per the specialists, a hand cream is recommended to be used twice a day. The everyday pollution is harmful to our hands too. The water dries out the skin and it is good to moisturise certain area of your skin every day.

The creams applied to the hands are different from the ones used for other parts of the body because hands require special care. The powerful hand creams come with glycerine in them. It helps bind the moisture into your skin. Benefits of this cream include increased skin elasticity, reduced wrinkles and final lines and protection from the harmful UV Rays. These creams strengthens your nails by preventing them from chipping and splitting and lends a beautiful shine.

Some of the hand creams available in the markets are effective when it comes to hand and cuticle care. Hand creams that have essential oils in them are considered to be the best as they nourish your skin completely. Aroma Magic Nourishing Hand Cream formulated with the blends of essential oils are one of the best hit amongst the one available in the cosmetic market.

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