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Posted by hnrtefdr on May 7th, 2019

my body and just eating about six months into my incorporate macro numbers just pain all these guidelines that I can follow and know that if I do this I'm going to be working towards my goals that just works better for me so I will have the occasional long tracking days to say for example if I know that I'm going to be having a holiday meal with my family I'm not gonna sit there and way out my my turkey and stuff when I'm or you know too many lots of wine that I have with dinner it's just it's not going to happen so I will have the occasional non-tracking days and I will say that if you want to move into maintenance and stop tracking it definitely would be easier because when you move into maintenance I enjoyed the food and the minute that I bought that home right back on track and I didn't have any issues with that I will tell you though that it's really impressive how much weight you can but then it's also impressive how much you could lose because you know when you eat all the parts of your vacation you'll get a bunch of water weight I need 20 pounds and I think a taste you guys were horrified I was too it's actually a video that I thought I would never be doing on my channel ever when I say ever I am not kidding like the last thing like I'm still in awe every single time I see myself in the mirror so this is a weight loss journey I guess video / diary type of thing in today's video I'm gonna be talking about my keto diet how much weight I've lost my journey on it what I think about it and my tips and tricks into starting into one and all my tricks as far as the apt nutrition calendar like anything that you can possibly imagine I'm gonna let you guys know everything that you have to know about the keto diet from my experience so far which has been almost like a month and a half I'd say on keto and I have to say it's honestly changed my life I have never felt better or healthier in my entire freakin life it's crazy I will also be posting like time cards on the description box just to kind of let you guys know where I'm going so you guys don't have to watch the entire thing so you know exactly where you want to see in the video and what you're most interested in I'm sure you guys aren't interested in everything that I'm going to talk about so just to make your life a lot easier I'm going to be putting time cards in the description box down below and in the video so to get started I guess on my journey with my weight some background on my way it's a very sensitive topic for me because I feel like since I was really young I've always battled with like self-image issues like weight has always been the first thing that is on my mind and the last thing that's on my mind like I feel like it's been a love hate relationship with it I feel like at some points in my life I have felt the most confident and then at some point in my life I have felt the lowest that I felt comfortable with like hating myself I was like LM fuckin disgusting and I would literally talk to myself like that and I got to the point where I just didn't care anymore so a little background is since I was little I remember being in elementary school and kind of measuring out my tummy my little tummy in the wall with like a marker the stupidest thing ever but you know I was young and it's always been like a self-image thing with me even as far as elementary school which is so sad I grew up with a lot of cousins who were very thinner than I was who like I just I hate to say things like that but like I was kind of teased for my way I was teased for the things that I would eat so at a really young age I was expose   d to weight insecurities at a really young age I started you know kind of noticing that  hair bloom I  didn't feel good enough I didn't I didn't look like the other girls I wasn't as skinny I've always my body is a faker girl's body I've never been the type to be skinny like stick skinny never in my entire life so it's a fast forward a little bit

hair bloom
hair bloom
hair bloom

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