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Posted by nemarampunavat on May 7th, 2019

Diving :Specialty corses

Having completes either an adventure dive or the Advanced Open Water Diver, the next step is a speciality course.

In the speciality course you can truly say you have mastered each aspect of diving which interest you.

DiveWishes & More is offering 12 different Specialty’s !!

As mentioned before various speciality courses are available for each person, giving you the choice of what diving means to you and feeling at home in each of these situations.

Price on request

Nitrox course (enriched air 40%)

As we all know from our open water course we can only stay at certain depths for a certain amount of time.  This is due to the nitrogen in the air that we breath, that gets forced into out body when the surrounding pressure increases causing an above normal nitrogen saturation of our tissues.

If we decrease the percentage of nitrogen in the gas mix we are using we can extend these times quite considerably.  Not only does Nitrox allow us to dive with gas mixes that have more Oxygen in them, hence increasing allow able bottom times, it also means that surface intervals can be decreased. Nitrox has now become so popular due to it’s benefits that most reputable dive shops world wide offer it. 5200 THB

emergency first response

The feeling to help others in need is parp of what makes us human, but  in most cases when the time arises we realise that we don‘t know exactly how to help.  In the Emergency First Response (EFR)course, this feeling of helplessness get’s exchanged by the knowledge and courage to help.

This course is not only a must for all divers it is also great for non divers. Being able to save a family members or friend life is a feeling irreplaceable by any thing else. Of course we all hope that we will never need to use the skills learned in this course as we have always been told “it is better to be safe then sorry”. 4000 THB

Rescue Diver

The rescue diver course is considered by most as the most interesting and fun course they ever took.  The serious fun in this course helps you turn the corner in your diving carrier.In previous courses you  learnt how to take care of your self and become proficient in what you love, and with the Rescue Diver course you take that knowledge and experience to start taking care of your fellow diving buddies. 7650 THB

Master scuba Diver

As the name implies you are now a master of diving and have reached the most prestigious level of any none professional diver… 50 Logged dives and 5 specialities are needed.  The Master Diver is the highest certification level for non-professional scuba divers.

Price on request

scuba review

After a long break from Diving this program will refresh your knowledge and your diving skills. First, one of our instructors will repeat some important diving theory units with you. After that, he will take you on two dives, do some skills with you, and of course you will get time to admire the beautiful underwater world as well. After the dives you will be given a lot of useful tips on how to improve your underwater performance and how to make you’re diving more comfortable and relaxing. At the end of this program you will definitely feel more comfortable and safe under water!


2 dive( around KOH TAO )            2,600 THB

Ding Package: 3 days 6 dives       6,750 THB

1 Night Dive (For advance open water diver)       1,800 THB

1 Night Dive (For open water diver)         2,200 THB


* Visors make the reef glow

* Mesmerizin Colours & Fascinating Macro Life

* See creatures you have never seen before      2,600 THB


Sail Rock               3850 THB

Marine Park       4400 THB


Din Valve Adaper   135 THB/DAY

Underwater Digital Camera (incl. DVD)   1550 THB

Dive Computer        700 THB/DAY

Compass                    100 THB/DAY

Morning Trip  

Speedboat depart from the resort pier and drive arond 5 mins to the dive sites .

2 dives and 2 different dive sites               09:15 am.

Arrive at the resort pier                12:30 pm.

Afternoon Trip      

Speedboat depart from the resort pier to the dive site for 2 dives and 2 different dive sites         02:15 pm.

Arrive at the resort pier                05:30 pm.

Visit for:https://mangobayboutiqueresort.com/activities/

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