NPCcoin es una plataforma de intercambio y finanzas descentralizada

Posted by ourplan on May 8th, 2019

What differentiates NPC from the many hundreds of digital currencies that exist now?
First, what do NPCs and other digital cash systems have in common?

1. NPC also uses cryptography to demonstrate ownership and transfer.
2. NPC is also based on a chain of blocks, that is, a decentralized public database.

That's all, because here differences and benefits begin. Because NPC has even more levels.

1. These are the Masternodes, these network nodes perform some tasks to determine the prices of the NPC. For example, they make faster and more anonymous transfers. Another important role of Masternodes is decision making. In addition, each owner of Masternode receives a return on investment = return. The division is 80%.

2. NPC is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). The most important basics of the DAO are Masternodes, POS = Stake Test and Budget.invertir dinero This also means that the financing of community projects will be coordinated. This includes the areas of development, marketing, new projects and much more. Only Masternode owners are eligible to vote.

3. NPCcoin is also POS = Stake Test. This means that each owner who keeps a certain amount of NPCcoins in their wallet gets a return = ROI. The division is 20%. The stake test algorithm uses a random voting process to select a node as a validator for the next block. This is done based on a combination of factors including the age of stake out, the possibility and the capacity of the node.

4. The international platform is connected to the digital currency NPC. Join the Internet with the most lucrative industries in the world. In addition, the platform includes the NPC ecosystem and has integrated a virtual mining.
This unique option, which corresponds to cloud mining, gives everyone the opportunity to earn more NPCcoins. You can get a refund of up to 133% in just 6 months with the daily payment. But there are many other benefits that we offer them.

5. NPCcoin offers what Bitcoin can not do. We offer users total privacy through 100% anonymous transactions. While it was previously described that the blockchain was absolutely anonymous, this has changed today. Protocols such as Bitcoin are completely public and controllable for each user, government, etc. NPC is based on PIVX and remains absolutely anonymous. Therefore, the owners of the NPC can not understand and the transactions in the Explorer of the chain of blocks, since there is no traceable payment course and no conclusion about the payer.

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