When do Organizations Need Change Management

Posted by Diane Smith on May 8th, 2019

Studies say that about 70 percent of management efforts often fail. This is due to a lack of management support, low employee engagement, poor collaboration, and no accountability. The best remedy in such situations is the implementation of change management training programs.

There are moments when an organization feels the need to implement change management training program. Here are few regularly occurring situations, when an organization need change management:

When Something New is Happening

Organizations usually consider change management for large scale implementation such as introducing new technology or adding a new product line. Change management is ignored for small changes like a new procedure or policy. The fact is, such small changes often frustrate the employees because they are not adequately prepared for it. Thus, change management is beneficial for large as well as small changes. It is an opportunity to set expectations to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

When Something Needs to be Fixed

Organizations regularly find out that a process or equipment that was working fine isn't working anymore and need to be replaced. Such processes are often not easy. Therefore, creating maps and implementing change management helps organizations to communicate with employees and share new steps with them.

When Business is Falling Behind

This is not just about the sales numbers; companies may find that the lack of infrastructure is holding them back in the industry. Nowadays, most of the companies rely on technology to reduce redundancies and help their business to grow. Old hardware and software might create outages which limit the company's ability to serve customers. Thus, introducing changes and change management is helpful for business growth.

When the Company Wants to Lead the Competition

It is essential for every organization to make strategic decisions whether they'll lead or lag the market. Organizations who choose to lead means that the changes will happen proactively, faster, and more frequently. And for the ones, who choose to lag, should be well prepared to react.

Whether you choose to lead or lag, change management becomes a part of the culture.

Final Word

No matter what the situation is, change management training programs are always beneficial for employees and their employers. As they help the employer to communicate with its employees and stay in line with the competition.

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