Real Fruit Puree: Apricot Puree

Posted by prunepuree on May 8th, 2019

A lot of studies told us that intake of fruit purees is very healthy for our body. It strengthens our immune system and provides us with quick energy and a range of other health benefits. So, in this way it’s really a good idea to include the consumption of fruits and real fruit puree in our diet. You can eat or take the fruit in pureed form, irrespective of how you consume, they will provide you a great deal of nutrients which your body requires. And as the title suggests, in this article we are going to discuss about the health benefits of consuming apricot puree.

Apricots are known to provide our body with loads of vitamins. Some of the vitamins comprise vitamin A, B12, C, B3, and more. Vitamin A is known to protect eyesight. Further, apricots are loaded with carotenoids, a nutrient which can preserve our eyesight for a long period of time. So, in this way, if you want to make your eyesight 20/20, and reduce risk of vision loss because of aging, consume apricot puree in your daily diet.

Further, apricots are greatly prescribed by a lot of renowned doctors around the world for pregnant women. Why? Because apricots are rich in calcium and which fulfills the nutritious needs of expecting mothers. Not to mention, calcium assists in the development of the bones of the unborn over and above makes the pregnant woman’s bones stronger. Apart from calcium, this fruit consists of loads of iron. Iron helps in the development of the fetus and reduces the risk of anemia in mothers. Iron also helps in red blood cell formation.

People suffering from heart-related problems should drink apricot puree. Seeing that this fruit consist of potassium carbonate, cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeats) patients can benefit a lot from it.

Potassium carbonates assists in fighting this fatal disease, and even though it’s not a cure, apricot can assist lower its effects.

Apricot can moreover assist stabilize excess acidity in the stomach, hence, it can assist eliminate numerous stomach acidity symptoms comprising flatulence, bacteria unevennesses, and more. Another benefit of having this fruit is that it can assist alleviating pain which is rooted by particular digestive problems.

Furthermore, apart from vitamin, minerals and potassium carbonate, it has a large amount of fiber, which regulates bowel movements and greatly helps with constipation.

All apricots comprise a natural salicylate, an element akin to the active component in aspirin. Individuals having allergies to aspirin might face allergic reactions to consuming apricots.

Ounce for ounce even dried apricots are more healthful as compared to the majority of fresh or juicy fruits. Dried apricots are roughly 30 percent water, whilst other fruits are 80 percent water. Apricots are a much greater source of calories, 60 calories in 3 ounces of apricots v/s 250 calories in 3 ounces nearly 25 halves of the dried ones. When consumed in moderation the dried apricots are a suitable, compressed form of nutrition & an awesome snack.

Apricots are extremely often treated with SO2 prior they are dried to protect their color & specific nutrients. This sulfite action might activate an asthma attack or an allergic reaction in specific individuals.

It also fulfills pureed diet dysphagia meaning to say apricot puree is great for dysphagia patients keeping in view of the fact it is healthy and nutritious.

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