A Guide to Chiang Mai Trekking Adventure

Posted by elain martell on May 9th, 2019

Chiang Mai is the Northern part of Thailand and known as the best trekking destination. If you are addicted to hiking or trekking and want to explore nature to its best, this is for you.

To make the tour successful with friends, family, or a group of people, you better learn some important facts regarding trekking in Chiang Mai.

The Best Time to Choose: Weather and season are the two most important things for a trekking tour. You need to be aware of rainy days and unfavorable weather condition cause of your safety.

The best time or season to choose for Chiang Mai trekking is from October to March when it remains dry and cold.

The weather is pretty comfortable even in the cold season because it is only around 20®C. But people also attempt trekking in all seasons and each season has variations in different areas of trekking. There are burning season in this certain area when the farmers burn their fields.

This is from late February to early March. And you should avoid this season for your convenience and safety.

Necessary Things in Backpack: Bring necessary items during the time of trekking. Don’t forget to take sunscreen, insect repellant, trekking shoes, liquid or water bottles, dry foods or snacks, first aid kit box, camera, phone, tent, and other things.

These things will depend on the duration you are going to trek.

Look for Guides: It is recommended to hire a guide to make your trekking perfectly accomplished. If you are the first-timer, this is definitely a must thing for you.

Also, you can choose trekking with a group of people who are on the same journey. This will minimize your vehicle cost, guide charge, and other costs. And you will share great memories with new people as well.

Explore the Surrounding: Chiang Mai trekking is not only about trekking on those mountains and hills rather you will encounter the local village life. There are paddy fields, tea, coffee, and different types of fruits’ lands. You will meet a new community with tribal people around.

They are friendly and cooperative if you are in need of anything. Mostly, for your safety and security issues, you need to have the guide with you always.

Moreover, trekking in Thailand’s one of the most popular destinations- Chiang Mai would be a memorable trip for you. Research more on this area to explore more things.

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