Why we chose to invest in Tulum real estate?

Posted by NIMBOS REALTY on May 9th, 2019

After having worked in luxury jewellery business in London, I was pretty good in identifying the moods, desires and even thoughts of my customers. For some of them, buying jewellery meant lifting up their spirits. For others, it was a way to make a very special present. Yet, for most of them, jewellery was always an investment that did not have an expiration date.

So how did I get from London jewellery business to investing in Tulum real estate? It's simple. After working for many years among many high profile people, I noticed another tendency - people were more willing to invest in experiences that they could enjoy more often and share with family and friends. Families were going to exotic adventurous vacations and buying land and homes in the most beautiful places of the world.

After all, the special pieces I was dealing with were not for showing off everyday, and jewellery would end up, most of the time, in a safe without bringing the owner sufficient joy. A vacation home, on the other hand, brings happiness and shared memories to a whole family, while also it can be an excellent investment, if chosen in the right city or country, where real estate market is bound to grow. So we got hooked onto Tulum real estate investment opportunities as it seemed filled with potential that could pace up all of our future plans in the city and real estate industry.

Why real estate Tulum?

The most exotic and calm village is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, natural attractions, Mayan culture and sophisticated gastronomy. It has relaxed but energetic eco-chic vibe which has been sending a signal that the town is about to wake up to some major developments. Real estate Tulum is bound for paced up growth in every way, from its real estate market to infrastructure, new hotels, restaurants and luxury developments – but it’s also dedicated to preserving its unique natural ecosystem.

After doing a lot of research about the most promising, beautiful corners of the world for this kind of investment, my partner and I settled for real estate Tulum in the beautiful Mexican Caribbean. Here are some of our reasons:

1.    Tulum's beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world; the atmosphere is magic, and the food is great;

2.    At the moment, most of the land is assigned to Tulum apartments here, but is still affordable;

3.    There are ongoing talks about a Yucatan railway system;

4.    Tulum is 1.5h away from Cancun International Airport;

5.    Tulum apartments and land prices are growing more than 10-15% in value every year;

6.    Tulum is becoming a favourite spot for celebrities and wealthy families, but Tulum apartments and vacation rental options are still very limited.

7.    There is a nice expat community and it's easy to make new friends.
So here it was an obvious option. We packed our luggage and moved to Tulum, where we bought a gorgeous piece of land by the beach, and started building our own eco-sustainable luxury villa. You can check latest apartment listings in Tulum at https://www.nimbosrealty.com/.

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