All About Regular and Deep Cleaning

Posted by tacleaning on May 9th, 2019

Do you find yourself often confused by the difference in deep cleaning and regular cleaning? Today, we are going to clarify the differences in the two so that you can make an informed decision right now, or in future.

Deep cleaning is a onetime investment, and takes almost twice the time taken by regular cleaning. Even though deep cleaning is more expensive than regular cleaning, it is a deeply satisfying procedure.

Regular cleaning and maintenance cleaning is one and the same thing. It does not involve cleaning on a deeper level, such as hard scrubbing, removing heavy dust build up, or removing hard water deposits on shower glass. These are services that come under deep cleaning. Therefore, if you want to hire professional residential cleaning services in Sharjah for services mentioned previously, then make sure you hire professionals who specialize in deep cleaning, or specify your exact needs to professionals who specialize in both, depending on the service you’ve hired.

Deep cleaning is a sort of preparatory ground for maintenance cleaning. Some houses or workplaces need a thorough deep cleaning before regular cleaning; cleaning services in Sharjah will always be able to tell which houses require such deep cleaning, and recommend likewise. Many a times, people insist on regular cleaning, going against the advice of cleaners, just upon learning the difference between the prices of the two. Be warned that such cleaning may not be satisfactory for you in the end. So do not make a rash decision in this context. 

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Regular cleaning is routine maintenance cleaning, cleaning on a surface level. Deep cleaning on the other hand is detailed; it approaches cleaning on a complex level, such as in deep cleaning, professionals will generally use ladder or an elevating tool, to reach refrigerator tops, shelf tops, chandeliers, cabinet tops, ceiling tops and corners for thorough cleaning. This would generally not happen for regular cleaning. Another example is that during deep cleaning sessions, cleaners generally move all light furniture and clean behind and under them.

When it comes to similarities between the two, both regular and deep cleanings includes cleaning of Baseboards, Blinds, Kitchen, Bathrooms and Floors. The basic differences between the two actually stem from the fact that deep cleaning takes more time, and thus, has a better scope of thorough cleaning. For example, during a deep cleaning session, the cleaners have time to wipe down or scrub the baseboards of the entire house with wet cloth or brush. Since regular cleaning does not have that much time, cleaners can only do so much as quickly dusting it with a cloth. If your blinds or shutters need to be wiped down with a wet cloth one by one, you’re basically asking for deep cleaning. For a quick dusting of the blinds or shutters, regular cleaning is enough.

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