The One Unique Rule By Famous Chat Lines To Keep Dating Conversations Going!

Posted by JamesJohnJackson on May 9th, 2019

So, how often it has happened that whenever you are speaking with someone, it feels like your conversation is going pretty well? But, after few days, both you find that things are not going right!  In this situation, silence hits badly, and as a result, you are not aware of what you must do. This leads to an awkward moment from both sides.  So, here is one most unique rule noted down by top chat line companies to help you keep every dating conversation flowing naturally, even if you find difficulty in interacting with that person. This dating conversation advice will surely help you in many ways to keep your partner interested in you.

30% of the information is new every day when you chat with your dating partner!
Remember that no conversation will ever last if you are repeating the same thing again and again, especially if you are in a dating relationship. To keep that zeal in your dating conversation, you must try to bring up new topics, at-least 30% of it should be new. Never make your dating conversation an inverted pyramid rather, try to add up the spice in it. So, by appending this 30% rule in your dating conversation, both you and your partner will certainly learn new things in life every now and then. This will further help both of you keep the dating conversation fresh, interesting and alive.

But, why only 30% of the information should be new? Here is why!
As you have seen above that “the 30% conversation rule” is very helpful but on the other hand, you must also ensure not to add too much new information in it. This is because adding up too much information can sometimes make your dating conversation one-sided. Remember that the person with whom you are speaking may feel like you are not at all listening to him or her and that, you are only focusing on your thoughts. Such dating conversations indicate that you’re simply reciting lots of things which only you know without giving any importance to the person at other end. This may come up more as a lecture and not a normal conversation. So, this is the reason why you must at-least make 30% of the conversation new on a regular basis. This is the best suggestion by professionals who are working in famous phone chat line companies all over the country.

Must apply two essential rules to make your 30% of the dating conversation fresh!

Rule number 1:
Make sure that both of you are interested in each other’s topic to continue with the conversation!
Remember that the person at the other end with whom you are speaking is feeling tired, then this 30% dating conversation will just don’t work out. Keeping this in mind, make sure to carry out on the dating conversation another time that is suitable for your partner. Make sure the next time whenever you both are comfortable to speak, then only initiate with the conversation.

Rule number 2:
Remember that always expanding the current topic will not be in your favor!
This is also true that not every topic that you bring up in your dating conversation will be available to add new information. In such a case, what you can do is to simply acknowledge what your dating partner wants to say. And after that you can bring up new topics.  

So, this was all about the rule that is required to add in your 30% of the dating conversation. If you wish to know more about such interesting topics, there are free trial numbers available on various phone dating companies where you can get in touch with renowned professionals who will help you out in these issues.