Choosing the Right Office Chair Parts for Productivity

Posted by johnhrq on May 9th, 2019

If you work at a desk, you use an office chair. It’s unlikely you think about it unless it’s uncomfortable or provides little back support. However, workers would be surprised to learn how many hours they actually sit in the office and how much Office Chair Parts affect their daily lives. Further, the seats have a much richer backstory than one might assume for a piece of furniture.

Charles Darwin

Most known as the English biologist that studied the theory of evolution, Charles Darwin played a large role in the design of the modern chair base. During his years as a workaholic, Darwin found he needed to sit but the chairs at the time were stationary. He added wheels to the feet, which is a common feature in today’s workplaces.

Chairs Designed for Ergonomics

Improper chairs can cost a company money. Without a focus on ergonomics, the wrong chair can lead to injury over time. Today, there are specifications that are meant to provide comfort and support throughout the workday. Features that help employees avoid pain include armrests with adjustable features and arm pads, lower back support, soft seat cushions, and adjustable height options. This helps reduce strain on the neck and back, which has led to fewer repetitive motion injuries.

Sitting for a long period of time, especially in a chair that was not designed for the task, can lead to muscle pain, aches, sprains, and stiffness. A hard, unsupportive seat can lead to coccydynia, which is a term used to describe any pain associated with the tailbone. A lumbar strain is also possible with a hard seat. Extra support for a worker’s lower back can significantly reduce the stress in these areas.

Worse Support Leads to Worse Productivity

In an ergonomic setting, a study by the University of Southern California (USC) estimates workers are 17.5% more productive. In a separate study, it is suggested that workers are 17.7% more productive with a highly adjustable chair. The right office chair won’t keep workers off social media or curb smartphone usage, but it can create better focus throughout the day. This may be because the added comfort and lack of pain make it easier to stick to the task at hand.

Mesh Chairs

It is difficult to find a mesh chair that is comfortable and supportive. In most of the chairs, it will be either too soft or too hard, depending on the person. The chairs allow stretching of the material to let the worker sink into the seat. However, workers often experience pain, numbing, or discomfort after sitting in a mesh chair for a longer period of time. The material can also be tough on skin or fabric. Better quality of mesh can be helpful. It helps against skin irritation and clothing damage. The cost is higher upfront but the chairs last much longer.

However, mesh is difficult to clean and isn’t as versatile as other office chairs. It is also likely office chair parts will be necessary for fixes at some point. Prevention can help in keeping mesh chairs clean. If you have an office where workers eat at the desk, other types of chairs are worth consideration.

Keeping work areas clean will also help against the difficulty in cleaning the material. On the other hand, mesh material does keep workers cooler, especially in the summer. The breathability of the material has made the chair one of the most popular for offices.

Finding the best furniture for your company depends on the needs of the office. Regardless of what you buy, it’s important to maintain the furniture for the comfort of workers. Office Replacement Parts offers replacement office furniture parts at discounted rates for the public. Rather than replacing a full piece of furniture, simple fixes can make an office space that is conducive to productivity.

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