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Consistency is one of the most demanding aspects for the execution of successful biospecimen staining. In an endeavour to accelerate your immunostaining of tissue sections and cell climbing parts, Boster Antibody and Elisa Experts have developed and validated their step-by-step IHC/IF/ ICC protocols to cover all aspects of biospecimen research and assay procedures.

The need for antigen retrieval depends on several variables, including the target antigen, the type of tissue, the antibody used, and the process and duration of fixation. Because they identify multiple epitopes, polyclonal antibodies are more probable than monoclonal antibodies to sense a given antigen without the use of antigen retrieval methods.

There are numerous techniques to refurbish the immunoreactivity of an epitope. For partially masked epitopes it might be suitable to first try escalating the primary antibody incubation conditions previous to beginning antigen retrieval. On the other hand, this step will also require additional optimization in terms of proper antibody concentration, incubation time, and temperature.

When looking at antigen retrieval methods, techniques usually fall into two main categories, PIER (protease-induced epitope retrieval) and HIER (heat-induced epitope retrieval). Once optimized, the actual effects of antigen retrieval can be marked. Most formalin-fixed tissues need an antigen retrieval action before immunohistochemical staining.

Boster Antibody and Elisa Experts consider that these IHC protocols should be a of use resource for staining workflow or at least a first-class starting point for additional protocol optimization, if necessary. For each of these protocols, they also provide a summary flow chart by means of the applicable Boster’s reagents to improve your product hunt on their website.

About Boster Bio
Boster Bio is one of the leading Flow Cytometry Technical Resource Centers. It was founded by Steven Xia, histologist, in 1993. Their products are enclosed by the Boster Quality Guarantee and vigorously mounting with new antibodies and ELISA kits. The corporation currently provides hybridoma generation check to product custom monoclonal antibodies. They are proficient in ELISA kits and antibody-antigen liquid phase reactions.

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