that is an unavoidable part of MLB The Show 19

Posted by Rskingdom on May 10th, 2019

Wow! I only posted this to another website about baseball. So when my brother had been school their team made it . MLB the show stubs 19 was played in another smaller city than ours. There came in 90pmh A pitch and up hit the batter struck the pitcher. The pitcher from another group was hurt, but before we could respond the parents all cleared the chairs and started a full on brawl. Kids being kids, start to do what the parents do and bring out the bats. After about two hrs or more it calmed down. My brothers group and those who arrived to see it needed to be escorted from town!!?

And THIS sums up my whole argument about pitchers having to strike, along with the abolishment of the Designated Hitter. . .IT IS. It is not that scoring baseball is much more exciting than greater scoring baseball. . It's that by outlawing the Designated Hitter, you would instantly END intentional'Head Hunting' in Baseball. PERIOD! I'm not saying players would not continue to go beaned, that is an unavoidable part of MLB The Show 19. I AM SAYING that this crap with American League Pitchers being in a position to throw at players with resistance since they don't need to strike NEEDS TO END. Thank you.

I perform franchise and RTTS entirely. Historic players are cool....if you cool relive a specific age, etc.. They want us to purchase stubs. They don't really need us to play with Franchise mode, it is not making more cash to them. If they remove Franchise mode, they'd be then convinced that all the modes that the user can play contain micro trades. I almost think that should they could get away with it they would even eliminate buy stubs mlb the show 19 play and only sell cards, cards, cards and more cards.

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