Few Things That You Need To Know About The African Print

Posted by houseofsarah14 on May 10th, 2019

When you look and order plus size African print maxi skirt online or any African print dress, there are also a few things that you should know about the African print. The recent exhibition that was held in Mint Museum Randolph introduced visitors to a dynamic and diverse dress tradition and one of them being the popular African garments created by local by local seamstresses and tailors across the African continent. These garments have advanced to the international runway fashions with the colorful, boldly designed, manufactured cotton textiles that have come to be known as “African-print cloth.”

Here are a few things that you need to know about African-print dresses

They are made using batik printing

Batik style of printing involves the process by which wax is applied to cloth to avoid die spread over certain areas. The wax is removed with boiling water, and the process is repeated until the desired pattern is achieved.

They originated from Indonesia

Although most of these print-dresses are called African prints, they have their origin from Indonesia. Evidence of the early examples Batik is found in the Far East, Middle East, Central Asia, and India from over 2000 years ago. Indonesia, particularly the Island of Java accomplished far more than other countries and continents when it comes to Batik printing.

Some dresses have proverbs

If you have explored varieties of African prints, you must have come across some dresses that have proverbs in them which make it even more meaningful to the person who wears the dress.

They are trendy

Spanish designer, Juano Oliva is one who introduced African print to his famous brand Zara and many buyers now look at African as a trendy outfit more than looking at them as traditional attire.

They are not tribal

Many western designers refer to African print patterns as tribal outfits, but the fact is they are not worn by tribal members.

They are available in different styles and designs

African print materials are not limited to dresses. There are blankets, shawl, pants, tops, scarves and different sizes of outfits that you can find nowadays. You can also choose busty plus size African print maxi skirt and more.

While many people love wearing African print clothing or using African print material, it is also important to also know about the history and a few things about this famous material. The above-mentioned points also tell us a little bit about the African print.

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