5 signs you need to go to the eye doctor

Posted by alice hall on May 10th, 2019

Are you straining to see at night or while working on a laptop or your smartphone? Does your head hurt after being in the front of a screen or reading the fine print?

Those issues aren't something you should live with; in fact, they all are symptoms of vision problem. Scheduling a comprehensive eye examination may not be on the top of your to-do list, but it needs to be, mainly if you are experiencing vision problems and/or optical discomfort. You can also go for blepharitis treatment UK if the issue is more.

Whether you wear specs or have never experienced a correction in the vision, you likely do not think about the quality of your eyesight on a daily basis. But, most people experience some eyesight changes over the months, even if these changes are sluggish enough to be overlooked.

Eyesight testing from Manchester eye doctor identifies and helps to track changes in your vision. Having regular eye tests is an essential part of early analysis of eye conditions, appropriate vision correction, and protection while you drive or operate the equipment.

But when do you need your eyesight examined? Book an appointment with an expert eye medical doctor when you have any of the following five experiences.

1-Everything is blurry

If you are experiencing sudden blurry or unfocused vision, it may be a sign of a bigger health issue. If you start to notice that text in books is becoming fuzzy when reading closely it could be an indicator of farsightedness or astigmatism. In aging patients, this can also be a signal of presbyopia.

2-Night sight

Are you noticing you can see fine in regular lighting but as soon as the lighting dims or you are in darkness, you've got issues seeing? Are you having a problem driving at night time and going through the signs at night? Or, do you feel uncomfortable driving at night time?

These are indications that you must have your eyes checked. With these symptoms, you could be experiencing night blindness. Night blindness is very common especially in older adults and is the first symptom of a cataract. It can also be treated with meibomian blepharitis treatment.

3-Headaches frequently

Headaches can be common; however, reoccurring headaches can be an early warning of a change in vision. When the cornea and lens fail to focus, the small muscles in the eyes are forced to work harder, which causes eye strain and might bring headaches. Sometimes staring at a computer display screen for too long or working in either dim or overly bright light can be the reason why.

In case you are struggling with frequent headaches, set up an eye examination as soon as possible. In case you work in front of a display screen regularly or in a dimly light room, take breaks every hour to allow your eyes to rest. If the symptom goes untreated, astigmatism, near, or farsightedness could arise.

4-Display screen – Time strain

Computer and phone screens can cause serious strain on the eyes and may create computer vision syndrome (CVS). Common symptoms of CVS are eyestrain, headache, difficulty focusing, itchy or burning eyes, dry eyes, blurred or double vision, and light sensitivity.

If you are experiencing CVS, you must schedule an eye examination to discuss the strain you are putting on your eyes or can also go with blepharitis treatment UK. In the meantime, follow the 20-20-20 rule, position your display and documents accordingly, reduce lighting and glare, remember to blink, and use BluTech lenses.

5-Floaters, Flashes, Obstructed vision

If you see floaters or flashes of light in your vision, this could indicate a serious eye disorder like a hole, detachment, or retinal tear.

Small specks that move in your vision field are referred to as floaters; they're deceiving because they often look like they are part of what you're looking at the outside of your eye but they float inside your eye. Meibomian blepharitis treatment is highly recommended.


An eye exam evaluates your vision and is extremely thorough. A comprehensive eye exam from Manchester eye doctorcan closely resemble a physical when you consider what an eye exam can detect. In case you are experiencing any of these signs and symptoms, it's crucial to schedule an eye exam as soon as possible to eliminate a serious eye disease.

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