Simple Enhancements for an Efficient Office

Posted by johnhrq on May 10th, 2019

Employee productivity depends on the efficiency and organization of a workspace. Even the largest and most successful companies have room for improvement in this area. Engagement can also promote efficiency while creating a better company culture overall. Simple fixes such as revamping chairs with Herman Miller Parts or encouraging feedback from employees can create the efficiency a company is looking for in their workplace.

Having the goal to be efficient isn’t specific enough to reap many rewards. However, setting smaller goals lends to a more streamlined space that fosters productivity.

Encouraging Feedback from Employees

Happy employees are productive employees. If you want happier people working for you, asking staff will get the most accurate answer. We all know what will make our days better, easier, or more productive. Rather than attempting to research different ideas, just ask them for their opinions. In general, employees should be encouraged to give feedback. They know what the day to day and even hour to hour operations are like in the office. They understand the pains and strains. They already have ideas from each day on how they wish the office was run.

It also helps when workers feel like they are being heard. Everyone understands that they won’t always get their way and they understand the limitations of a budget. Acknowledging criticism can bridge the gap and make them feel like they matter. Staff that feels like they are valued will work harder.

Boost Health

Having healthier employees can also foster better productivity in the office. Not only will people be at work more often, but they will have better focus and motivation overall. Higher levels of performance can be achieved when everyone is feeling their best. But how does a company boost the health of their staff? For one, offering healthy snacks can help.

In today’s workplace, offering food has become commonplace. However, often those snacks can be salty and high in calories. Instead, opt for granola bars, nuts, and other food that makes everyone more energetic rather than plummeting into a food coma. Offering health drinks can also be beneficial since many workers rely on coffee and nothing else to get through their day. Being dehydrated is definitely a drain on productivity. Further, it can have a serious impact on overall health.

Companies can also consider having a wellness day. Depending on your staff and the time you have to commit to a wellness day, there are tons of ways to get the message of wellness out there. Additionally, this type of day can boost morale and get coworkers socializing without the pressure of office life. Whether you bring someone in to talk to your staff about lifestyle choices or decide to host it yourself, getting employees talking about health can lead to them making better decisions since it will be fresh on their mind.

Office Furniture

Whether you buy new furniture or invest in Herman Miller parts for chairs that have seen better days, it’s important to make sure your staff is comfortable. This will promote productivity and can have a positive impact on health. Studies have found many don’t get the back support they need during the day. This can lead to major health concerns in the long run but even in the short term, there can be head, neck and back aches that take focus away from work.

Getting a lumbar pad for office chairs can also be helpful. Going back to the earlier suggestion, ask your staff. They sit in chairs all day. Do they feel replacing parts for some or all the chairs will suffice? Do the chairs you bought simply not work well? Be sure to check in and make the best decisions for your staff based on how they feel about their work environment.

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