Difference between Linux and Windows Dedicated Servers Introduction to VPS Hosti

Posted by jawahars on May 10th, 2019

There is an essential difference always prevails between Linux dedicated server hosting and windows dedicated server hosting. In the past and present and future years, the business uses various kinds of hosting plan which is very compatible with their company. If you select a hosting plan that is not suitable for your business, it is completely wastage of money. So pick the right hosting package that suits your working system by clearly understanding the similarities and contrast each hosting plans.


The basic difference you will find in Windows and Linux dedicated hosting is the technique you access each of the servers. Both the servers acknowledge you to access via FTP and follow propriety for information transfer, you can easily access server only via Linux hosting. File exchange can be carried out on both servers, but windows give you advanced control option.


Advancement is always taken place in Linux hosting by identifying the requirement of programmers and technicians so that you get access to the developed service, which is used later by an end customer. But In windows dedicated hosting, the advancement is done directly for the end user so it is less complex.

Programming Languages

Linux hosting can be developed with the usage of CGI, Perl or PHP programming languages and database management system like MySQL. Besides windows dedicated server hosting can be created by using ColdFusion, ASP and.Net and database management system such as SQL Server or MS Access.


Websites that are developed in Linux hosting system can run on both Windows OS and Linux OS. So, in this case, developers won’t face any problems related to the programming language of server and you can easily make use of data. Linux hosting has become more powerful with high availability of software in a dedicated server.


Easy to use interface makes windows dedicated server as prominent as you can efficiently access and inspect the connected machine smoothly. You have to sign up your server account in order to access the neighbouring connect devices. But it takes some time to run the procedure with specific instructions which may be troublesome.  


When comparing security Linux hosting is more secure than windows dedicated server hosting. You can use the Linux working system with paying the cost. This source code is openly available to all, hackers have tried to collapse the system because of open source code but they literally failed. This is attainable because large community supports the formation and development of Linux hosting due to its open source.  

In difference windows dedicated server hosting is not that much secure as it is easily attacked by the virus even the server is closed-source. A huge part of applications is built based on the specifications of user in general and not explicit to your personal needs.


The last but necessary point you have to keep in mind is the pricing of both the servers. You can be an accredited user of windows dedicated server hosting and its security measures are quite rigid. So you have to pay an enormous amount in order to utilize this server. Otherwise, you can use Linux hosting without spending any charge because it is an open source. From the above point, it is stated that Linux hosting is economical when compared to windows dedicated server hosting.


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