Why Use Polypropylene Storage Cabinet In Laboratory

Posted by Cleatech on May 10th, 2019

Polypropylene made cabinets are highly popular for use in laboratories and cleanrooms. Try trying to set up your lab, you would be shopping for items and furniture. In this process, you would get introduced to polypropylene cabinets for laboratories. And you may wonder why this material is used for lab usage any why lab cabinets generally come in this form. Well, the use of polypropylene storage cabinets in laboratories have many reasons and utilities, which you must know while choosing one of them for your lab.

Before understanding the utility of polypropylene lab cabinets for storage, you should first understand the origin of polypropylene, what it is, and how safe it is.

What is polypropylene?

Polypropyleneis a polymer of propylene which is a monomer. It is a very stable substance, which is safe. Quite interestingly, polypropylene is made from such ingredients which themselves are toxic, but polypropylene itself is stable, nontoxic, and very safe. Its chemical stability and structural strength are the reasons that it has found wide use in laboratory furniture and equipments.

Polypropylene cabinets for storage in laboratories

The cabinets for lab storage made from polypropylene adheres to international standards, and are chemically safe and stable, and also offer a strong storage medium which can be relied on to store any type of laboratory items.Storage cabinets made from polypropylene are available in various designs, shelf sizes, door styles, lock options, color schemes etc.

Why polypropylene cabinets are used in labs for storage?

Here are some of the main reasons for using polypropylene cabinets in labs:

  • Cabinets in lab, as the material and storage furniture, gets exposed to various types of chemical fumes and particles which circulates in the lab air. The stability of the furniture material must be such that it stays unaffected by such chemical exposure. And polypropylene is one such stable compound which neither would break down, nor would turn toxic itself. Hence is corrosion resistant and can stay the same for years.
  • Polypropylene itself being a stable compound,does not emit fumes or harmful particles in the air which can be dangerous for lab staffs. No lab worker has chances of any allergies, irritation or health hazards from polypropylene.
  • Items stored in the cabinets and storage shelves are completely safe from corrosion and reactions. The nonreactive surface of polypropylene would keep items store same as it is.
  • The design of most cabinets are made such that they can filter out air and fumes if any collected from the lab through optional suctions fans. And the collected fumes can be passed outside through channels.
  • Cabinet design contains transparent cabinet windows and doors to look after items stored inside.
  • Doors contain reliable strong locks
  • The cabinets have ventilation system inside to prevent stale air or stagnancy in air flow.

These reasons justify very well the use and utility of polypropylene storage cabinets inside clean rooms and laboratories. When you buy your cabinets from a certified seller then you can use it for many years to come and get full return on investment.

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