How has technology changed the gaming industry?

Posted by Shruti sood on May 10th, 2019

We all grow old with playing retro games like Super Mario Brothers or Contra, but within the past few decades, the gaming industry has moved forward in the giant leaps, as the technology has improved. Now the time is if we play games such as Mario and Dave, it feels like we are watching a black and white film with no effects and trying to find a resemblance.

Technology has successfully made our lives so easy and comfortable, to an extent. Also keep pushing it to forward at a rapid rate, and for goodwill. The most critical change in technology has seen in the gaming industry. Numerous advantages have taken place from facial recognition to advancement in 3D graphics, online playing to artificial intelligence - technology has made a significant impact on gaming. Here are the five exceptional technological advancements in the gaming world by Morning Lazziness

Artificial Intelligence has become better and more significant:

Artificial Intelligence has always been the part of the multiplayer video games, but now it has become much smarter. It has given life to deary dull experience of video games. Now the time is when your opponent can throw a grenade, drive cars, and shot better than you. AI is far craftier, with using the same type of strategies that a human opponent might think of; they build the robots with the same tactics. AI has successfully able to make intelligent and more challenging opponent to stand against humans on the battlefield. Artificial Intelligence has seen a massive growth within recent years.

Amazing 3D- More realistic graphics

Back time, all video games were two-dimensional. There were hardly two or three games like Red Racer which were in three dimensional but not loved much, because of choppy performance and dull effects. Since 1990, all games start building in three-dimensional with ultra awesome looks, fantastic performance and of course cool graphics.  

The three dimensional has changed the way of looking and playing games. The animations look more realistic and appealing. With the betterment of graphics software, they are even looking better.

Much Enhanced Graphics Upgrades:

Though Contra was the most adorable video game, if we talk about the graphics, so it was not at all pleasant and appealing, as compared to today’s online games. As time passed, technology evolved and graphics enhanced. These are the days of high-speed hardware and software, which are capable of holding many instructions, pixels, and shading at one time - even on an enormous scale.  

Incredible Mobile Technology- Gaming on-the-hands:

Portable gaming console has become a newly loved technology among millennials. There was a time when we used to sit in front of X-box or play station with long-long cables. Now the time has evolved with technology, with easy to use the mobile-friendly platform, and now we can play any time, anywhere. All we have to download our favourite game online and enjoy on-the-go technology which also allows us to play with friends or during a commute. The mobile technology is the creative and whelming way to play crazy Angry Birds.

Fast Internet: Multiplayer Video Games in Real-time

Who doesn't love to play online games? Well we all, in the 1980s there were hardly any games which we can play in real time and that too with friends. Though, online games allow multiple humans to take part in the realistic experience, transforming gaming into a social outlet. PUBG is a prime example; the game with over millions of subscribers and in short time gained become popular and everyone’s favourite.

Another excellent example of real-time games is betting. We all are well aware of sports betting online. The desired platform that offers bettor to the bit and earns a significant amount of money. Between the high rise of social media and widespread internet, gaming is more democratic and international.

Wrapping it up:

So what you think, where does this gaming technology heading to? 15 years back, when technology was in front line, no one thought of having this much growth. And perhaps the same will happen, in the future.

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