Different between Medical abortion and surgical abortion

Posted by Lee Wilson on May 11th, 2019

In order to get rid of unwanted pregnancy, women go for a methods like Medical abortion and surgical abortion. But many women have this question whether they should do the surgical abortion or Medical abortion.

Abortion is a process of pregnancy termination. There are two types of abortion: Medical abortion, Surgical abortion.

What is a Medical abortion: Medical abortion is a procedure which involves use of abortion pills for a pregnancy termination. Abortion Pills are used in a combination to complete a medical abortion process.

Which pills are used in the medical abortion:

There are two types of abortion pills named Mifeprex and Cytolog used in this process. Mifeprex is the first pill used in the medical abortion procedure. Mifeprex is taken orally with water. Mifeprex restricts a hormone named progesterone. Progesterone is responsible for the growth of a pregnancy. It blocks the growth of this hormone. The second pill, Cytolog is taken in an interval of 1-2 days after taking the first pill. You can take cytolog by two method bucally or vaginaly. Cytolog consist of an an element which cause womb to expel the pregnancy contents in a few hours.

What things to expect after the process of medical abortion: As like any other medical procedure, you might see some after affects in this process also. Effects such as fatigue, tiredness, nausea, bleeding are commonly observed after the process carried out. Upto 7-10 days , you may see the impact of these effects and in a few days, everything backs to normalcy.

Few things you should about the medical abortion:

you can carried out this process in a gestation period up to 9 weeks only, not beyond that.

Before doing a medical abortion, you need a proper prescription to buy abortion pills online or from the nearest pharmacy.

The another abortion method is surgical abortion:
What is surgical abortion: It is an abortion method where pregnancy termination is usually carried out using suction method. You can carried out surgical abortion

Why people medical abortion over surgical abortion:
Medical abortion is a better option in early pregnancy termination as compare to a surgical abortion.
Medical abortion is cost effective method compare to surgical abortion. Medical abortion success rate is good. With proper consultation, you can also do a medical abortion at home.

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