Some Possible Employee Benefits That Make A Difference

Posted by FPL Online Pte Ltd on May 11th, 2019

There are many advantages to having a job. Some of these advantages are very apparent while others are not so obvious. For employers keeping their employees happy and committed to the goals of the business is very important. Most employers will try to get employee committed by offering competitive salaries. While a good salary is the first thing employees will hope for when they join a company, there are other benefits that employees find more valuable.


In most cases, such additional benefits may not come in cash given directly to the worker but the fact that they exist gives the worker extra impetus to work for the company. One of such benefits is group life insurance taken through Insurance Agent Singapore by most companies for their employees.


While there are so many people that may wonder why an employee will be happier to get insurance cover instead of seeking monetary compensation, there are huge benefits. When an employee is covered by their companies insurance, they become less apprehensive about falling sick. They know they have insurance that will cover the cost of any medical bills in the event that they fall sick.

Some other feasible areas where insurance can come in handy are in travel. Employees go on holidays yearly and having a travel insurance paid by the employer is an added benefit that most employees will cherish. If you are a businessman and want to cover the life of your employees then you should find best Insurance Broker Singapore for most suitable insurance coverage.


Some employees understand the issues that working mothers have to go through when it comes to arranging childcare. Some women have had to stay away from work just because they were not able to find appropriate childcare for their children. Employers that care for their employees are now looking for innovative ways to allow women be mothers and workers at the same time. Instead of sending them home to stay with their babies, they are offering child care services for their employees. This will surely improve on the commitment levels of all employees even those who do not have children. This shows that the employer cares about the welfare of their employee.

Recreation facilities

Employees are expected to do their best at work but this can only happen if they are healthy. Sports are a great way to keep the body active and healthy. Many employers are now paying for spots for their employees in sports clubs. Some offer employees the choice to choose from different sporting activities or clubs. Others will pay subscription for its entire staff at a particular gym. These slots can be used at the employee’s discretion.

When you run a company, you should know that the success of the company depends a lot on your employees. To keep them happy, you have to supply them with added benefits provided by Best Insurance Company In Singapore that is separate from their salary.

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