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Posted by limmzhou on May 12th, 2019

If a single movie is too long for your preferences you could chop it up into multiple components but only give the info that you wish to wow classic gold provide in a nicely thought-out manner.

If you believe we arn't use to spending crazy amounts of time doing things that your wrong We're players that are classic. If I can sit and observe a ClassicCast for 3 hours I will sit for 30 mins learning cool shit about vanilla.Don't treat us the way blizzard does, thinking we are stupid and have attention spans of a goldfish.

The"change" problem isn't about the minutiae of nighthaven wow gold mechanics, but more about the overall match generally. Now we know way more than we did in the original game & that knowledge will alter WoW Classic dramatically.Been a very long time since I have played. I am 99% convinced sunder armor and expose armor didn't pile.

I recall having to frighten rogues to not use so danger could be maintained by me with sunder armor expose armor. This was back when we were doing Onxyia and Molten core host firsts, therefore it can have been transformed in a subsequent vanilla patch. If I recall correctly it had been so bad you could not override expose armor using sunder armor, which was annoying when tanking.

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