3 Easy Ways to Detox from Marijuana

Posted by Radmin on May 13th, 2019

A drug test is inevitable, especially if you've just applied for a new job. Even if cannabis is legal in some states, most companies still discourage its use. Sure, this test can be annoying, but you're still required to undergo it. If you're worried about your upcoming drug test, here are three ways to properly get rid of marijuana from your body.

Drink Water

Consuming a lot of water will make you urinate more, which will help get rid of THC, marijuana's primary psychoactive component, from your body. If you have a drug test coming up, drinking lots of water is one simple way to dilute and remove marijuana remnants from your system. You'll most likely go through a urine drug test since it's the most common drug screening test method.

This, however, can make your urine too clear, which might make the drug tester suspicious. One work-around is to take vitamin B2 together with the water. You can easily get them in any pharmacy. B vitamins can greatly help give your urine a yellowish tinge, which can lessen suspicions of intentional dilution.

Use Detox Kits

A faster and more efficient way to flush marijuana out of your system is by using the best marijuana detox kits specially made for this purpose. These kits normally consist of a variety of things like drinks and pills made to mask THC and other marijuana components in your body. When you buy a marijuana detox kit, you'll also get some urine testing strips that you can use to check your urine and see if you're ready to take the drug test or not.

Sweat It Out

If you have a couple of weeks to spare before the drug test, then you might want to give exercising a try. It's good for getting rid of THC and boosting your metabolism and overall health. Cannabinoids and other marijuana residues are usually stored in fat cells, so burning them off through sweating over time will make it easier for you to pass the drug test. It's a method best used for the long run, though, rather than a quick fix.

These are just some of the effective ways to flush marijuana out of your system and help you pass the drug test. However, your detox success will depend on how much you smoke. If you're just a casual user, then the first and last are practical methods that will work for you. However, if you’re a habitual user, then buy a marijuana detox kit for better results.

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