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Posted by larkpeyton on May 13th, 2019

If you want to buy throw pillows covers online then We can help you to purchase cheap pillow covers online. Including custom cushion covers & modern throw pillows.

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We are suppliers of quality fair trade home goods such as throws, pillow covers, duvets, blankets, pillows, robes and other amazing things that make your home into a place you love to be. We travel the world to find the best home goods because you deserve to have your home become your sanctuary from the stresses of the world.

H2 Home Collection is pure global luxury blended with Southern California ease. We focus on attention to detail so you can make your personal space a sanctuary with room to breathe, live and daydream. From afghans to bed sheets and bathrobes to towels and blankets, we design textiles for your home that make you feel like you live in a five-star resort. We make your home feel like your very own slice of heaven.

At H2 Home Collection we not only make beautiful products, we strive to make the world a better, more equitable place. Our Fair Trade and Women’s Empowerment Initiatives have given our company new meaning. We now provide work for approximately 650 underprivileged women, many of who are single moms, allowing them to provide for themselves and their children.

We at H2 Home Collection realize the value of helping people become self-sustaining and the pride that it gives them to make their own money while creating beautiful products that will be loved for many years to come. When you purchase products from H2 Home Collection you are making the world a more beautiful place in more ways than you could imagine.

At H2 Home Collection we are committed to empowering women and making the world a better, more beautiful and more equitable place. We have instituted 2 initiatives that have now become part of the heart of our business and the core of our mission statement.

We work in the high Andean villages of Peru with mothers in a situation of poverty and little to no opportunity. Many of these women are single mothers. We have partnered with over 650 underprivileged women in the remote villages of the Andes Mountains to make beautiful products for your home: Thanks to the income they get from the embroidery they so lovingly craft on our products and the weaving they do to make our beautiful throws and blankets. These should be a period, these mothers can offer a better quality of life to their children and families as well as pass down their art to the next generation..

This allows the women to have the pride and confidence that comes with providing for themselves and their families. With confidence and the right opportunities these women are not only providing for their families, they are building a foundation for their villages and for their children to have more opportunities going forward. Being self-sustaining allows the women to have the pride and confidence that comes with providing for themselves and their families. With pride and confidence even the impossible becomes possible..

H2 Home Collection
Huntington Beach, CA

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