Why Bother with Exotic Animal Insurance?

Posted by johnhrq on May 13th, 2019

What many exotic animal owners don’t realize is that they can ensure that they never have to worry about any liability from owning an exotic animal thanks to exotic animal insurance. This is especially important for businesses that display, keep, or even resell exotic animals.

Animal insurance comes in a variety of forms, from an independent policy to a supplemental policy that can be attached to other forms of insurance. Obviously, this is a huge boon for exotic animal owners who live in areas that have special exotic animal rules. There are even states that require businesses to have exotic animal coverage

It goes without saying that you should take every step possible to avoid liability in a business context, but how does that apply to animals? In short, animals can open their owners to extremely serious liability on the regular, and exotic animals even more so, necessitating insurance to mitigate that liability.

Unlike static property that can be secured from everything but external random chance, animals provide their own random chance especially when local law gets involved. Even the best-secured and best-trained animal can be subject to the unfair judgment of uninformed legislators.

Moreover, even if you do not deal with a large number of exotic animals, just one is enough to make exotic animal insurance worth the expense. The more exotic an animal, the more likely it is to generate some form of liability, and the greater that liability is likely to be. Again, this is especially true in the context of businesses keeping an exotic animal on site.

The laws that apply to more common animals do not always apply to exotic animals. This is widely varied depending on one’s location, especially in the United States, where the definition of an exotic animal may vary from state to state. What counts as a pet in Wisconsin might be considered an invasive species in California, necessitating insurance atop whatever permits and red tape need to be considered.

Differences in laws can dramatically change the sort of liability a business can be open to by an exotic animal. It’s best to seek out an insurance partner that can provide coverage in as many states as possible, as these will have the best understanding of the nuances.

Further, this makes exotic animal insurance worth looking into even if you don’t think you are in possession of an exotic animal. Depending on the laws and regulations that apply to you, you might be, especially if your business has ever moved, has been incorporated in another state, or similar. It can be worth it to look into exotic animal ownership insurance policies you don’t think apply to you just to make sure that you aren’t missing a patch of coverage. This is also worth consulting with an insurance professional about, preferably from a firm that offers a wide variety of policies in a wide variety of locations.

Most forms of insurance can spare your business a great deal of headache in the long run, but customized insurance is uniquely important if your business has anything to do with exotic animals. Even if you yourself are perfectly qualified to handle an exotic animal, assume no one else is and that insurance coverage is needed sooner rather than later. No matter how few exotic animals you’re tending to, making sure you’re covered is the best way to protect yourself from any kind of liability.

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