The evolution of the Rolex submersible chain head section, regardless of timing

Posted by fashionbagsonline on May 13th, 2019

This article was originally based on a similar discussion on the Internet before 2009: buy 14060M or buy 16610? Many heroes have given advice from the movement level. I want to share my observations with you from the evolution of the styling. The conclusions reached at that time are actually not applicable.

The reason is simple: the advantage of the 16610 to 14060M did not exist. What still exists is that Rolex has perfected the shape, whether it is a submarine or a submarine calendar. All you have to do is choose the configuration and look you like.

Submariner is one of the Rolex logo models. From the evolution of the submersible shape,Replica Swiss Rolex Watches can be seen in the pursuit of watch design. This observation just confirms why people are so fond of submariners, but also can point out that watches are becoming more and more a decoration for men.

Cutting through the cross sections of Rolex submariners in the seven years of 1953, 1958, 1969, 1979, 1988, 2003 and 2013, we found an interesting phenomenon: the submersible, from the year's watch with the main function of diving function as Today's decorations that make men smugly wear on their wrists. And this evolution is much more than just the links from the steel sheet to the solid links.

In 1953, the first section of the link between the bracelet and the lugs was a steel sheet depicting two straight lines, still in 1958. Most steel watches of this period are of this style. At that time, the watch was mainly a daily necessities based on personal timing, and performance was dominant. By 1979, this part was much more refined, and it has already shown the clue of the overall design. During this period, it was the Swiss watch industry that experienced a quartz shock and recovered. The Luxury sports watch represented by Zunda's Audemars Piguet Royal Oak was fully accepted by the elite. However, it is likely that it is limited by the processing technology of the case and the bracelet. The submersible's steel watch is still not completely designed to be a perfect luxury sports watch.

Interestingly, the 1969 gold model of the submersible (No. 1680) has been characterized by an integral design - the middle section of the first section of the bracelet between the lugs is raised and polished to form a table with raised The echo of the ear and the bezel. The Rolex gold watch is closer to the monolithic design than the steel watch.

The 1680 series marks the evolution of Rolex submariners from purely functional watches to luxury sports watches – starting in 1680, the submersible also sold stainless steel, gold (or gold/steel) and 18K gold. It is this gold submersible that enters the Fake Luxury Watch at least 10 years ahead of the steel and gold models – the first section of the 1979 submersible steel watch still looks like "pressing straight" decoration. Until 2003, in addition to the 14060M, the steel submersible realized the first section of the bracelet bulge, which seems to have a little overall design.

Other styles, such as Explorer One, also use this design. The style created by the 18K gold submariner in 1969 was used in the Yatch Master and Day-Date models in 1992, while the latter is the most luxurious and beautiful in the Rolex standard style (the most suitable for men's jewelry). of).

Although the appearance is similar, the processing and manufacturing process of the gold watch case is different from that of the steel watch. In the case of High Quality Replica Rolex Watches, the gold watch is clearly ahead, and it is based on the Orfevrerie that Europe developed from the 19th century. This iconic craft in the jewellery industry is the flag of successful watch craftsmanship for nearly half a century. The success of the Geneva genre's brands such as PIAGET, Audemars Piguet, and Roger Dubuis are all related to this process. Because they transplanted the process of precious metal processing to steel that is more difficult to process.

The observation of the shape of the submersible has advanced the history of the now popular luxury sports watch for at least three years, as the rise of the recognized luxury sports watch is marked by the Royal Oak of the 1972 Baume et Mercier's Riviera and Audemars Piguet. This observation also shows that Rolex, a seemingly low-key brand, is actually well versed in the relationship between high-end watches and men. Say the watch is a jewellery. Do you agree?

▲ 1953 submersible military version, riveted bracelet made of steel sheet material. The gap between the first section bracelet and the lugs is as thick as the grooves depicted on the first section bracelet.

▲ In 1958, the submersible 007 models, the connection between the lugs and the first section of the bracelet can be said to be close, if not the gap in the middle part (structure structure), has a very integrated design style. The crown has no shoulder pads and is water resistant to 100 meters.

▲In 1985, all Rolex steel models used 904L stainless steel.

Since 1985, all Rolex steel models have been fitted with 904L stainless steel. This alloy steel is mainly characterized by corrosion resistance and beautiful luster. It is more beautiful with gold. This shows that Rolex is determined to make mechanical watches into modern jewelry.

▲Until 1988, although there was still a structural gap between the submersibles in the first section of the chain, the intermediate links in the bezel and the bracelet were all K gold, so it was easy to form an integration. This shows that the evolution of the gold submersible is similar to that of the whole steel, at least not as good as the full gold.

▲ In 2003, Rolex's Green Circle Submersible Steel Watch (No. 16610LV), which was issued to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the submersible, has completed the overall evolution of the overall design. The middle part of the first section of the bracelet forms the middle of the two ears, known as the third lugs.

▲There is no such thing as a submersible steel watch without a calendar (No. 14060). Even in 2009 (14060M), it still maintains the appearance of gold in 1988. The perforation beside the lugs is also evidence.

▲ Amazingly, the 1969 submersible gold model, with its advantages of gold and silver, took the lead in the ranks of luxury sports watches, the middle of the two ears and the case form a whole structure. This polished unit extends all the way to the bracelet. The concept of this monolithic design appeared in 1969, three years before the celebrity's Rivera and Audemars Piguet's Royal Oak. Many of Rolex's later styles (such as the gold submersible 16613LN, Explorer II, GMT Master II, Yatch Master II and Day-Date, etc.) are moving closer to this concept.

▲Starting in 2013, it is known as the submersible upgrade of the black water ghost (114060), and the head section bracelet becomes a whole.

Like other new submarines, the 114060 bezel features a Cerachrom ceramic ring. In the past, the green ring (anodic oxidation of the aluminum ring) has greatly improved the wear resistance.

Regardless of whether it is a submarine or a submarine calendar, consumers should choose what they like.

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