Perfect Morning Routine - 10 Steps to Start Your Day with Energy

Posted by Anna on May 13th, 2019

Do you know what are the things that separate successful people from the rest of us? Waking up early, bullet journaling, meditation - these are only some examples.

Setting up your morning routine is a key to kickstart your day with a lot of motivation, energy, and creativity. It is said that if you could win a morning you could win a day.

Today I share with you 10 things every (girl)boss should do before work every single morning.

1. Waking up early

The very first step of having a productive day is to wake up early. It is important to get up right away. Remember to set alarm walking distance from you. If you want to avoid screwing your REM sleep, please stop hitting the snooze button.

2. Making the bed

After you get up, make the bed immediately. It maybe sounds obvious (or ridiculous) but that is a success habit. It is a very first task on your to-do list and you can check it off. This simple and pretty basic activity is very powerful and really can boost your productivity and mindset.

3. Drinking water

Believe me or not, you get dehydrated at night. Being dehydrated means lack of energy, feeling tired, headaches. Stay hydrated. Start a day with a tall glass of water (room temperature would be best for you- cold water may cause stomachache and digestion problem)

4. Practicing yoga

Next, take at least 15 minutes to practice yoga. The best morning yoga poses are mountain pose, fierce pose, forward bend, hero pose, child pose, cat and cow pose, and downward dog pose. Hold each for 30 seconds. Remember to move with your breath.

5. Meditation

Daily meditation is so beneficial for your mental health, emotions, and creativity. Sit for just a couple of minutes and let all your problems go. Close your eyes and count breathes. You can even practice mindfulness.

6. Visualization

Do you know that your brain does not know what is the reality and what is imagined? This is why visualization is such a powerful tool that helps you to achieve your goals.

Find a quiet place, clear your mind and imagine your goals.

7. Bullet journaling

It is a great system to organize your thoughts, tasks, weekly schedule, monthly goals, event, due dates, projects, and appointments in one place. Of course, you can use an ordinary planner. But if you want to use something 100% customized and suited to your lifestyle, starting a bullet journal is a great idea.

8. Reading a book

No matter if you read only novels or inspirational books, it is a great way to start your morning. Capture fresh ideas, get inspired and learn something new.

9. Taking a cold shower

This could be the hardest part of your new morning routine.

Burning more fat, strengthening the immune system, reducing inflammation, energizing and refreshing - these are only a few health benefits of taking a cold shower.

What is more, taking a cold shower pushes you outside of your comfort zone and help you grow.

10. Eating breakfast

Now it is time for some pleasure. Eating a healthy breakfast increases your metabolism and gives you power.

Start your day positive. Now, when you know all 10 steps to have a successful day, it is time to incorporate them in your morning routine. Good luck!


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