Jilian Mold To Adjust The Pet Preform Mould Design

Posted by nicolepreform on May 13th, 2019

       As people's awareness of environmental protection continues to increase, pet preform manufacturers produce Pet Preform Mould with a large amount of water. The sound of resisting bottled water is not overwhelming in the near future. More and more, the voices of Europe and the United States are higher, and the cost of PET bottles will be reduced at a certain level. Instead, the rest of the packaging materials are used, and if there is an expert's idea, glass bottles are used to package the water.

After discussing the trade data of PET bottles in the previous period and the operation status of PET bottles, the future prospects of PET bottles are optimistic, but at the moment, the development of many small and medium-sized pet preform manufacturers in China faces many challenges.

PET bottle green packaging materials advocate the use of raw materials, it is possible to use the same raw materials, can be used to coexist with raw materials, despite the simple structure, simple reincarnation of raw materials. At the same time, despite the reduction in the amount of waste generated, the development trend of lightweight packaging film is revealed.

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