Reasons why do kids love face painting

Posted by annawilinskimi01 on May 13th, 2019

Face painting is a popular trend in many kiddie parties. Here are some of the reasons why it’s such a hit with kids.

It’s fun

Face paint can turn you into any character, animal or thing you want to be. A gold face paint can turn you into a fairy. Blue can turn you into a cute butterfly. White and black can turn you into a skeleton. There is an endless array of characters and personalities you and your kid can assume with face paint. Your child can be Peppa Pig or Iron Man. That's going to mean loads of fun.

It’s creative

Get your child to play and experiment with the paints. Teach her the magic of makeup. Start off with easy ones—a butterfly, a lion, a vampire. Once she gets the hang of that, though, allow your child to be as creative as possible. You’d be surprised at what she can come up with when you give her the chance to explore and express her creativity.

It’s safe

Whether you’re buying her purple, pink or gold face paint, make sure you get ones that won’t harm her skin. Shopping for paints without checking the ingredients or getting them from a trusted supplier is a bad move. If your child ends up using low-quality paints, that could lead to rashes, skin irritation and more. By shopping from trusted brands, you won’t need to worry about all that. With companies that offer safe face paints for kids, you’ll have an easy time getting your hands on some supplies.

It's ideal for parties

Whether it’s the Halloween, Christmas or any other holiday or fun event, face painting is an ideal activity for the kids, Parents says. Children love the sessions so much that you’ll be able to keep them occupied while the adults just sit back and relax. That or you could play the game with your child. If it’s time for another family get-together, make sure you add face painting to the list of activities you’ll plan for the kids.

It’s easy

You don’t need to have standout skills in painting to pull this off. There are a slew of easy designs you can go for, Fatherly says. That gives hope to drawing-impaired parents everywhere. If the only thing you’ve ever managed to successfully draw in your life are stick figures, don’t worry. From animal shapes to her favorite cartoon characters or beloved superhero, you can find patterns to help you pull those designs off.

It's a costume

Face paints can do a lot, from drawing figures on your child’s cheeks to transforming her entire face with the paint. If your child needs to go to a costume party, then face paints can help you achieve the look she wants.


Face painting is a wonderful activity for kids and adults alike. If you’re looking for ways to entertain your child, nurture her creative side, and give her a chance to have fun, then this activity should be on top of your list. Start shopping for quality face paints, though, before you get started. Once your supplies are complete, you and your child can start your face painting sessions.


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