Vladdin Pod Starter Kit Review

Posted by freemexy on May 14th, 2019

The vladdin Starter Kit is a pod system vape, introduced by Vladdin Vapor Inc. It is designed to be a sleek and discrete vaping device for beginners who are willing to replace cigarettes. It comes with refillable pods, 350MAH battery capacity, a 12-watt max output, and 3.5v output voltage. It has a patented ceramic coil, comes with 1.2ohm – 1.5ohm atomizer range.

The only good thing about the Vladdin Starter kit is the design and the materials. I like this design. It’s small enough to take anywhere, easily. My problem with some of the other pod devices is that they can be too small. vaporesso vape takes me a few minutes to locate one in my pocket. The Vladdin is big enough that this isn’t an issue. The curved design feels nice in my hand and I can hold it between two fingers and mimic the action of smoking a cigarette.

The Vladdin comes in 4 colors (black, gold, silver, multi colors) and has a quite cool teardrop profile. There’s a white LED that lights up when you take a drag (which I like), but there’s no kind of indicator for battery-life.As I said, the Vladdin really is the perfect size. It had enough weight that you’re aware of it, but is obviously in no way cumbersome. It’s about the size and weight of a pen, so if you could carry a pen, you could carry a Vladdin with no problems. The pods barely add anything to the overall size and weight of the device. This is good for carry-ability but less good for holding a lot of liquid. You’ll need to carry spare pods or a liquid bottle.

The Vladdin plugs into a USB port via a micro-cable. Its 350mAh batterycharges in around two hours. It has a maximum output of 12W max output and 3.5v output voltage. The battery life is OK. It lasted me a full day, hitting it regularly.u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD

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