An Overview of a Propane Home Heating System

Posted by ThompsonGas on May 14th, 2019

Propane heat is usually considered a major selling point when it comes to home buying. A lot of homeowners see home heating propane as a cleaner, greener, and more affordable alternative to electricity and oil-run systems. True enough, many people are making the switch to propane heating systems not only in their households, but also in places of business, owing to their environmental and economical benefits. In addition to making your home more energy and cost-efficient, home heating propane also makes such a popular option because of the flexibility that different types of systems offer.

Propane home heating systems come in a variety of types and configurations. Portable or vent-less propane heaters for instance, make for excellent home heating options for small spaces and isolated areas like garages, workshops, single rooms, and outdoor spaces like decks, lawns, and patios. Vent-less propane heaters offer the advantage of being mobile and portable. As a matter of fact, they usually come with wheels so they can be easily lugged around when and where needed.

Permanently mounted propane heaters, on the other hand, are the best choice if you want a permanent or long-term home heating propane system. Mounted heaters come with built-in fans. These fans work to force warm air out and allow heating across much larger areas. Unlike portable systems, mounted heaters come with exterior vents and they require good ventilation or access to enough oxygen for efficient and safe combustion.

There are also propane-powered furnaces, which are quite popular in modern homes. Propane furnace systems are sought after because they are easy to maintain, cost-effective, durable, and environment-friendly. Another reason why so many modern homeowners choose propane furnaces over more traditional types of furnace systems, such as wood burning systems is that they don’t require chimneys. In fact, venting can be done horizontally or vertically, depending on your home’s layout. Additionally, because propane furnace exhaust isn’t as hot as traditional wood-burning furnaces, basic PVC piping as an exhaust system is enough to drive exhaust out. Modern propane furnaces even come with compact designs, which makes them ideal for any part of the home.

Another type of home heating propane system offers a good alternative to electric water heaters. Propane water heating systems don’t only heat water faster, they also emit much lower levels of toxic gases, which means smaller carbon footprint for your home. Propane water heaters are also a lot more compact and durable and they are very easy to install and run.

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