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Posted by galaxyprocess on May 14th, 2019

What Is A Disperser

The disperser is a mixer for quickly separating pieces of powdery substance, uniformly distributing and wetting them in a liquid. It is also used to dissolve soluble solids in liquids.

Dispersants provide an important purpose for a variety of industries. This includes applications in the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. Provide companies with a low-cost way to meet customer needs and produce high quality products.

For these industries, dispersants are used because they are capable of producing the necessary forces to break down the blocks in the liquid better than other products, such as agitators. While agitators are effective for certain applications, they do not provide the strength or force that the disperser has when decomposing a mass or powder in a liquid. This is an essential feature for the industry and requires the use of a disperser to help produce some of the best-selling products that consumers demand.


High Speed Dispersers

High speed dispersers are the most commonly used high shear mixers. A high speed disperser is an industrial mixer that utilizes disc shaped blades mounted on the ends of the mixing shaft. These blades and mixing shafts come in a variety of sizes. To achieve high speed dispersion, the dispersing blades are rotated at optimum speed to achieve the proper flow pattern and desired consistency in the mixing vessel. The right amount of dispersion ultimately depends on the size of your mixing vessel and the components you wish to mix.

Your container size ranges from beakers to stainless steel cans. In general, high speed dispersers are designed to perform liquid mixing operations where it is necessary to reduce the fragmentation of one element or to separate one or a group of particles. Most high speed dispersers apply different amounts of force to different materials by using countercurrent mixing. The good news is that high speed dispersers typically have variable speed mixing options to meet the needs of your application.


Applications of High Speed Dispersers

  • For rapid mixing, dispersion, homogenization and shearing of various liquids and semi-solids

  • Used in paints, lotions, inks, chemicals and other related industries

  • Automotive coating

  • Carbon dispersion


Buy a High Speed Disperser?

If you are looking for a High speed disperser for your process industry, then buy a high speed disperser from the Galaxy industrial equipment manufacturer, who skillfully designed the machine to add powder to the liquid and break down the particle agglomerates to to perfectly produce a fine dispersion for a limited time.

Our High Speed Mixer / High Speed Disperser is made of high-grade stainless steel with a speed of 1440 rpm and a capacity of 500 to 1500 liters. These mixers consist of two vessels and a stirrer. In addition, we also offer industrial high speed mixers and high speed blenders. Galaxy Industrial Equipments one of the most reputed High Speed Disperser Manufacturer In India.

If you want to know the different high speed dispersers we offer, you can find them here http://www.galaxyprocess.in/high-speed-disperser.html.

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