Split system air conditioner is versatile application for both domestic and comm

Posted by CB_Sales on May 14th, 2019

Air conditioning is required in commercial properties and they range from office buildings, retail outlets, malls, cafes, restaurants and other public spaces. Many types of air conditioning systems are available for use and the need is equally greater in domestic applications. If you have house with several rooms you will require installing split system air conditioner, as it will be convenient, economical and cost effective. Split systems with their roof top cool air units are convenient for residential as well as commercial setups.

Mini splits are ideal for residential/shop use

A mini split system is what you need if you have a small house with two or three rooms. These are heating and cooling units that enable you to control temperature levels in individual spaces or rooms. These systems consist of two primary components which is an outdoor unit (compressor/condenser) and an indoor unit consisting of air outflow unit or evaporator. These are applied in diverse applications and may be in a huge complex or a small café and split systems have many advantages over window ACs.  Since the outdoor unit is located on the roof or outside the building you won’t hear the noise of the generating plant. The air dispersing unit does not make a sound and it is controlled by a remote that allows users to control temperature, air flow direction, switch on and off the system.

Air conditioning for commercial establishments

The split system comes in several categories and the main ones are single split system, multi-split system and VRF or VRV systems. These systems run on the basic technology and the same ceiling or wall mounted indoor units. But they can be applied to variety of applications and you should find out which one is most suitable for you. it is also the most affordable air-conditioning systems for homes and commercial establishments. When it comes to commercial use the units get bigger in capacities and may have a network of outdoor units installed on roof tops working in unison to disperse cold air in to the rooms. Commercial air conditioning equipment may consist of a multi-split unit tending to several indoor units. As many as 9 indoor units can be attached to a single multi-split outdoor unit. These systems are highly effective for restaurants where you can use them in different sections or areas. Here you also have the facility of switching of a particular section while other is working.  The VRV or VRF air conditioning systems are most suited for big commercial establishments

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