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Sun Microsystems Inc Offered  JAVA in 1991, later acquired by Oracle Corporation. James Gosling and Patrick Naught on supported it. It is an uncomplicated programming communication.  Reporting, negotiating and debugging a curriculum is possible in Java.  It helps to compose modular applications and reusable code.

Java specification

            Before we commence acquiring Java, let us get traditional to standard java terms.

Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

            This is usually compared to as Java Virtual Machine. Before, we consider Java Virtual Machine lets see the phases of program implementation. Stages are as happens: we communicate the program, then we assemble the program, and at closing, we persevere the program. Communicating of the Java Programs is of teaching done by java programmer like you and me.

            Accumulation of administration is done by javac compiler, and javac is the main java compiler introduced in java construction kit (JDK). It removes the java program as information and produces Java byte code as output.

            In the third phase, JVM performs the byte code provided by the compiler. This is known arrangements run stage.

            So, currently that we realized that the primary purpose of JVM is to administer the byte code generated by the connoisseur. Each producing practice has collected JVM; however, the output they provide after the accomplishment of byte code is the same across all working systems. That is why we call Java as a program individualistic expression.

byte code

            As debate above, javac compiler of JDK collects the Java beginning code into byte code so that JVM can administer it. The byte code is compiled in a group file by compiler.

Java Development Kit(JDK)

            While holding JVM and byte code, I have used the term JDK. Let us consider it. As the name suggests, this is a perfect Java development kit that involves JRE (Java Runtime Environment), compilers and various devices like JavaDoc, Java debugger, etc. To design, compile and run Java application you would want JDK connected on your computer.

Java Runtime Environment(JRE)

            JRE is a part of JDK which manner that JDK includes JRE. When you possess JRE installed on your system, you can run a java application however you would not be capable of compiling it. JRE embraces JVM, browser plug-in and applets assist. When you only want to run a java application on your computer, you would only require JRE.

The main characteristic of JAVA

            Java Programs is an autonomous program language. Compiler(javac) converts authorization code (.java file) to the byte code(.class file). As mentioned above, JVM performs the byte code provided by the compiler. This byte code can run on any platform such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc. Which means a program that is compiled on windows can run on Linux and vice-versa. Each operating system has different JVM. However, the output they produce after the execution of byte code is the same across all operating systems. That is why we call Java as a platform independent language.

Java is an Object Oriented language

            Object-oriented programming is a way of organizing programs as a category of something, each of which describes an occurrence of a class.

4 central idea of Object Oriented design are:

  • schedule
  • summarize
  • Estate
  • Polymorphism


            Java Programs is regarded as one of simple writing because it does not have complicated backgrounds like Operative overloading, Confused estates, warnings, and Express representation allocation.

Robust Language

            Robust means were positive. Java programming communication is explained in a way that settles a lot of importance on early checking for possible mistakes, that's why java compiler can detect the errors that are not straightforward to distinguish in other programming dialects. The principal characteristics of Java that perform it robust are the rubbish collection, Objection Administration, moreover representation allocation.


            We do not have directors, and we package passage out of constrained arrays in Java. That's why various security flaws similar to haystack misrepresentation or buffer overflow are improbable to exploit in Java.

Java is distributed

            Using the Java programming language, we can create distributed applications. Remote Method Invocation and Enterprise Java Beans are used for building assigned statements in Java. In simple words: The java applications can be an issue on more than one procedures that are combined using internet attachment. Objects on individual Java virtual device can perform systems on a forgotten JVM.


            Java encourages multithreading. Multithreading is a Java background that acknowledges the side-by-side accomplishment of two or more parts of a schedule for the greatest utilization of CPU.


            As explained above, the Java Programs code that is recorded on one machine can run on a different network. The platform-independent byte principles can be brought to any platform for accomplishment that advances java code portable.

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