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Posted by Filter For Fridge on May 14th, 2019

Office water bottle or water purifier?

Regardless of the number of people who attend the office or workplace , owning a water dispenser, instead of the usual bottles, for some it is the fastest and most effective solution. The use of an office water bottle has become a custom for many: but is this really the smart and best choice for the well-being of employees and guests who frequent the company ?

If on the one hand we think that the water bottles are the ideal solution to obtain a good economic saving, on the other hand we do not take into account the factors that in the long run can interfere with our own well-being , but also with that of our own wallet .

The characteristics of interchangeable distributors.

Having to make a comparison between the bottles and the water purifier, we realize very quickly how this second option offers the benefits and the certainties that cannot be found in the first one. The bottles on the market are usually in PET plastic : this means that once the water contained in them has been used up, they must be thrown away and new ones must be purchased. In this sense, therefore, there is not much difference between plastic bottles and water bottles , except for the fact that fewer bottles will be purchased, at a cost clearly higher than the usual bottles.

However, plastic carries with it another major problem: the permanence of water inside it for a long time and above all the temperature changes that the bottle can undergo, can heavily modify the characteristics of the accumulated water that in some cases, above all in hot environments exposed to direct sunlight , it could also be harmful to health.

To these obvious disadvantages is added the scarce eco-sustainability of plastic bottles which, both for production and transport , affect the environment and the consumption of fossil raw materials. Precisely due to the lack of practicality in use, the plastic water bottles are often replaced by those in glass, which however are heavy and unwieldy, moreover, weighing twice as much as plastic PET, do not constitute such an eco-friendly solution as it is thinks.

Water purifier: the advantages of running water.

The office water purifiers connected directly to the water supply, compared to the classic plastic and glass water bottles, lead to some significant advantages, the first of which, unlike what is commonly thought, is really cheap . If on the one hand, in fact, it is more expensive in the immediate compared to the purchase of the bottles, in the long term it leads to a very substantial saving , given that the water to be used is the one that commonly flows from the tap.

The second benefit that the use of purifiers brings with it is the greater overall health of the water supplied. The purifier, as the word itself emphasizes, purifies water by eliminating potentially harmful substances for health such as arsenic, chlorine , nitrates, pesticides, fertilizers and heavy metals, all thanks to innovative processes and latest generation technologies such as the use of micro filters, ultrafiltration membranes and reverse osmosis .

The result is water that keeps its organoleptic characteristics unchanged but is emptied of the elements that could affect the overall well-being. A water purifier, which reduces company spending and guarantees the well - being of its employees and the environment, is the best choice for both the portfolio and for health and the environment.

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