Glaucoma as a Silent Vision Killer Need to Know It Clearly

Posted by keshab on May 14th, 2019

Glaucoma is an eye disease where number of factors include, mainly optic nerve will damage, intra ocular pressure will increase and visual field defects occurs, but field defect may happen in normal eye pressure.

We advise regular yearly eye check up need after 40, optic nerve cupping check-up, eye pressure measurement, visual field test or Perimetry do perform. If you are suspect of glaucoma you definitely go through this test in every year.

Eye Anatomy to Understand the Origin of Glaucoma:- 

The front part is clear cornea it allows the light entering, the colour part is iris which helps to control pupil to allows proper amount light, the lens focus light to retina this is photo sensitive layer, at last optic nerve will carry stimulation to brain.

Eye ball is full with clear fluid, front part of eye filled with aqueous humour and back part is vitreous humour which maintain the shape of eyeball.

The iris edge has a drainage system, aqueous humour flows through this system, this proper system of drainage helps to keep eye pressure normal if it is not working cause eye pressure vary. High eye pressure damages optic nerve fibre layer and gradual loss of visual field.

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