Is Your Office Cleaner Doing the Best Job?

Posted by Terry Ramsay on May 15th, 2019

The most effective office cleaning NYC has available for commercial spaces includes a comprehensive program that both cleans and sanitizes. Leading contractors such as SanMar Building Services have trained teams who can handle jobs ranging from single offices to whole buildings. Professional office cleaners use specialized equipment and supplies so that that can provide high standards of cleanliness for corporates and others that are their clients. The services they offer include sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and polishing floors and carefully maintaining carpeted areas with high filtration vacuums. They also work on above-the-floor surface cleaning which can include desktops, reception area counter tops, conference tables and more. These high visibility spots are dusted and polished daily with thoroughness and care. Any wood elements are wiped down and rubbed also, and all of these details add up to cleaner offices with fresher air and a more pleasing appearance. Restroom cleaning needs to be mindful of disinfecting and sanitizing needs and dispensers such as tissue, soap and paper towels need to be conscientiously restocked daily. When it's all done well, your office will be spotless.

Depending on your office cleaning needs, trained staff works independently or in teams. Now that zone cleaning has been replaced by other methods, it is more common for large areas to be cleaned at once, whether by a single person or group. These better practices result in improved efficiency and faster results. All work will be scheduled when you and your co-workers have finished for the evening so that you are never disturbed by cleaning staff or the sound associated with vacuums, polishers and other necessary equipment. HVAC systems can work hand in hand with office cleaners to maintain indoor air quality when their filters are changed routinely, and they are kept operating at leap efficiency. High-filtration vacuum equipment plays a vital role in removing dust as well as dust mites along with ordinary dirt and grime. If any of your colleagues are allergy or asthma sufferers, they will breathe easier along with everyone else – and be more productive as well. All daily office cleaning works according to a checklist developed in advance to assure routine and thorough service. The list also ensures consistency as different team members may rotate among areas.

Kitchen areas are increasingly popular areas of offices, and they require careful cleaning daily. Counters, tables, and chairs need to be wiped down, and trash removed carefully. If any debris falls into receptacles outside of their plastic liners, they must be washed and wiped out to stay completely clean and fresh smelling. Although less intense than what is used in restrooms, some sanitizing and disinfecting of surfaces such as tables and counters also is essential. Back at workstations, desks and dividers need to be dusted and kept free of fingerprints so that working conditions are more pleasant for all and when clients visit the workspace is clean and makes a good impression. If desk chairs used by all are upholstered with fabric, these also need to be vacuumed periodically to keep them free from dust. Office cleaning makes a significant improvement to overall appearance when done well and routinely – and this is why the selection of a capable and highly effective contractor is so important always.

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