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The Best Office Cleaning Means Specific Service for Each Area

Posted by sanmarbuildingservices1 on May 14th, 2019

When an outstanding office cleaning contractor handles every duty on a great checklist, you'll never need to wonder whether or not the job was well done. In general, the most excellent office cleaning NYC has to offer comes from top-rated contractors such as SanMar Building Services. Effectively cleaning offices requires a specialized team with each member dedicated 100% to making your office look incredible. One of the best ways to manage this responsibility is for the client and contractor to agree in advance on a unique office cleaning checklist. This makes sure that everyone's expectations are met, and areas, where the client has personal priorities or needs, are included in the work plan. Reception areas are a priority because they are the first room guests and visitors see upon arriving at your office. There is no doubt you want a pristine reception area at all times. It calls for daily cleaning and spot checks as each day progresses, especially if traffic levels have been high. Dusting, sweeping and mopping begins at the entrance and continues seamlessly from there. Reception counters and tables need to be polished to a sheen, and everything straightened up to appear tidy and neat.

Cubicles and work stations are among the most critical areas to be addressed by high-quality office cleaning. Desktops, shelves, and cabinets can harbor dust close to workers and should be wiped down often. Computer screens and keyboards also need routine cleaning and even disinfecting in some cases. It's a significant additional step to clean desks, telephone handsets and the arms of chairs. HVAC vents in proximity to workstations should be wiped and kept dust free to improve indoor air quality for employees on staff. If there are windows nearby, blinds and sills need to be dusted and washed according to how often they collect dirt and grime. Fingerprints on dividers and glass partitions should be wiped off and any marks of scuffs removed as soon as they appear. Kitchen areas and break rooms at the office have their own cleaning needs. Refrigerators need to be cleaned out frequently and emptied of any unclaimed items. Inside, shelves need to be wiped down and sanitized. Disinfecting countertops is essential and tidying up all things in the kitchen area generally. Coffeemakers need cleaning along with any dishware left in the sink.

Bathrooms are part of office cleaning that often receives the most focus. The most basic function is emptying trash receptacles. Countertops, sinks, and dispensers need to be disinfected thoroughly, and hand dryers wiped down with disinfectants. Paper towel and toilet tissue dispensers must be refilled and cleaned as well. Toilet seats require carefully sanitizing to rid them entirely of germs and bacteria. Floors need to be mopped thoroughly with select germ-killing chemicals that are effective but eco-friendly. One of the most significant recent advancements in cleaning technology is environmentally safe chemicals that are strong and effective against even the toughest germs. Most are pleasantly scented and no longer have the medicinal that for many years was associated with clean restrooms. Everyone on your team will be appreciative of the more clean restrooms, and clients who visit will have a good impression similarly. Checklists of essential priorities make a significant improvement in your office cleaning.

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