Why should we play video games – Which games increase our creativity?

Posted by Rahul sharma on May 15th, 2019

Welcome gamers, this post is for you. Why! Because today I will tell you the benefits of playing video games. We know that most of the parent doesn’t like when their children play video games. But our parent doesn’t know the advantages of playing video games.

 Because on his time outdoor games were given an important significance. I know the outdoor game is good but I will discuss the main key-points of video games that really amazed you. I will also give you the game list which you can play in your free time. So without wasting time let’s jump into the points.                       

1 – Gamers are a better decision maker

Yes, gamers are a better decision maker. When we play video games we don’t have enough time to think about what should we do. If we normally think about how this stage can be cleared, then we will waste enough hours or days. And some highly professional gamers finish that game in 1 or 2 days. Are you kidding me? No, I’m serious because we know gamers what they can do. they really have a sharp mind.  so don’t take them lightly.

2 – Video games help to improve your Hand & Eye coordination

It’s just like you’re driving the car. And at the same time, you focus on the front of the road, and along with that, you have to pay attention to the accelerator, break and as well as handles.

  For running the car you have to keep your eyes on these three things to drive a car. so in the same way. When you play any action or shooting games you need to focus on the game from where the enemy is coming and what weapon do you need to use. for eg; Granade, guns or any magical powers. So we can say that a gamer has a better eye & hand coordination as compared to non- gamers.

3 – Better Teamwork

Some games are co-operative and require you to work closely with your friends to complete that task. Like call of duty multiplayer and pubg. If you are good, then your responsibilities also increase. so that you can guide your friends as well. And a “Good leader is the one who can explain to others better”. So Playing games with your friends can also build their teamwork ability.

4 –Relaxation

A video game is a better remedy to reduce tension and fatigue. After completing the hard stage the achievement you get that is literally amazing. But don’t play too much.

5 – Improve the Brain speed

No doubt games increase your creativity and improve your thinking powers. Many games are available on the internet who teaches you a lot with joy. And you can also boost your brain power. how? I tell you about some games, which will increase your brain power and you will also enjoy.

Here is the list :

Best strategy games: Clash of clans, clash royal, plants vs zombies, Rise of civilizations, smashing four, etc.

Best action games: Fortinite, Pub-g,  Minecraft, Mini militia, Brawl stars, Fruit Ninja, Duet, Limbo, etc.

Brain Games: Lumosity, Brain dots, Tricky test 2, Tiny Thief, monument valley.

Play and enjoy those games.  If you love brain games then I highly recommend you to try these games. I often travel by train and look at many people who busy on playing games, and most of them are teenagers and mature person. Because they have to travel a long way that’s why they spend their time on video games. And video games are a great thing for such a time.

Conclusion :

I know many users shocked to know about video games facts. Video games are really amazing thing. And nowadays video games have become a part of our lives. Especially college children who play video games together with their friends.

No doubt video games are a great way of learning new things.

It Boosts our creative power.

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