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The clients in the media presentations have complex healthcare needs that typically require professionals in various disciplines to address their issues.  The benefit of working in inter-professional teams is that professionals can address complex and challenging needs since it allows sharing of perspectives and expertise to form a common goal of maintaining and restoring the clients’ health. As a result, the practice is likely to improve outcomes. A substantial amount of research demonstrates that integrated services and inter-professional collaboration lead to, the optimization of quality of service, outcomes, and cost.  The practice also helps reduce inefficiencies given that assessments and treatments are done together. The focus is on the client as a whole instead of a specific diagnosis or treatment (Bronstein, 2003).

Action plan to integrate services for different clients

  1. Get a complete picture of the client, In terms of their needs and resources available.
  2. Getting all the key stakeholders to the table. These include professionals, client, and their client family.
  3. Establish scope and structure of the arrangements or “rules of the game.”
  4. Develop processes so that clients can be supported seamlessly by the group of professionals.
  5. Address systematic and procedural barriers to integrating services or working collaboratively.
  6. Develop a system of accountability and monitor progress.

Professionals and organizations within the planned network of integrated services, as well as their specific function

Family therapists

This should be made up of a group of professionals specializing in couples therapy and children therapy. The function of professionals is to provide a means by which many of issues can be brought to surface as well as provide necessary treatment.

Children services

The basis of involving children services is that they are responsible for making visits and reporting on findings. They will need to be conversant with clients’ schedule.

School administration

The school administration will also play a critical role in the successful implementation of integrated services.  John will require proper arrangements without interfering with the operations of the school. The school administration will provide John with a flexible schedule to attend therapy sessions as planned.


Bronstein, L. R. (2003). A model for interdisciplinary collaboration. Social work, 48(3), 297-306.

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