How To Perform Router Setting With No Or Poor Internet Connection?

Posted by Kathleen Walker on May 15th, 2019

If you have got yourself a router then be appeased that you have got yourself the valuable networking device. Which is well known for their ease of use and fast speed. However sometimes setting on router login setup becomes a difficult task especially if the internet connection is lacking.

Here note that performing router setting and accessing is not dependent on internet accessibility. Rather it is dependent on the direct connection with the router. You can also use an Ethernet cable for modifying the router settings.

Steps To Access Router Settings Without Internet

  • Begin with plugging one end of the Ethernet cable into any of the ports present on the back of the router

  • Note that most of the routers comes with 4 ports. However it doesn’t matter to which port you connect

  • Plug the other larger end of the Ethernet cable to your computer

  • In case you are using any modem device, power on the modem and wait for the lights to turn stable green

  • Now power on your routers and wait for it’s lights to turn solid green

  • Now you need to login to your router setup page. Netgear for all purposes uses the addresses or

If you are facing issues with router account then you need to read the technical guide and find out the solution by understanding the reason why is not working?

  • However in case there is lack of internet connectivity you may directly enter your routers default IP address. In general the default IP address comes is or

    • Open your web browser

    • Enter your IP address on the address field

    • In case you are confused about your router’s IP address follow the steps

✔  Click on start button

✔  Type command cmd

✔  Now press enter

✔   Now a command prompt window will appear where type the command ipconfig

✔  Now press enter

✔  Now open the default gateway option

✔   And locate the default IP address

  • Now you will be asked to enter the credentials in the login window

  • In general your default user name is admin and password is password

  • In other cases you can also check the documentations received with the router or search for sticker on the device

  • However note that in case you have changed your default credentials, you need to enter the new credentials or else wait for the internet to reconnect and run a hard reset.

  • For running a hard reset follow the given steps:

✔  Locate the reset or restore factory settings button which is present on the back of the device

✔  The button is present in within a small hole to avoid accidental resets and thus you need to use a small paper clip or similar object to press the button

✔  Keep pressing for precisely 7 seconds

✔  Release afterwards

✔  Your router should start resetting

  • Now click on login option to enter your routers settings and make the necessary tweaking

  • In case you want to check the detect your Internet connection

  • Click on the advanced option

  • Click on setup wizard

  • Now choose yes and click on next option

  • The wizard will take few minutes to detect your Internet connectivity

If still your router not connected to internet, or you face trouble with slow or poor network connection contact experts for further guidance.

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