Laser Hair Removal Burlington Ontario gets rid of hair permanently

Posted by amberkorobkina on May 15th, 2019

Hair removal by both laser and IPL are very popular methods used by therapists or laser technicians. IPL stands for intense pulsed light and it uses a wide range of light in place of laser. Most people get confused on which method to use when deciding for permanent hair removal. However Laser Hair removal Burlington Ontario is as effective as IPL only the techniques are different. Only the light sources they use differ but you can depend on both to remove hair effectively and give permanent relief.

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If you are done with shaving or tweezing you could consider one of these options as it will remove hair permanently. Your skin will be rendered hairless and smooth as marble and will be no hair growth for long periods of time. How they work?

What Is Laser Treatment?

The difference in Laser treatment is that it uses a light with single precise wave length to address each hair follicle. Laser Hair Removal IPL machine emits light that goes deep to the root and kills its base. This method targets a single hair rather than large number or group of hairs.  The beam of the laser is narrow hence will address one single strand than a cluster. The treatment is quite fast due to the intensity of a single laser and is considered very efficient.

Hair Removal by IPL

What Is IPL Treatment?

IPL treatment is the most popular for getting rid of hair permanently. The hairs never come back unlike laser treatment. This treatment does not use laser instead use a wide range of lights with high-intensity. The IPL machine emits lights with multiple wave length hence is able to target several hairs or a patch of hair. It is like using a high voltage bulb and the treatment can be cheaper than Laser. The procedure is most effective with people who sport very dark and thicker hair. However concentration of the treatment is not great so you may require many sessions before getting rid of unwanted hair permanently. 


  • The treatment is less painful than conventional hair removal
  • The strong light completely destroys the hair root and prevent it from regrowig
  • There is no need to worry about periodical treatment because hair won’t grow back
  • It precisely work to remove hair and does not affect surrounding skin
  • Treatment is quick and very less time is taken
  • It is cheaper than laser hair removal hence much sought after
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