What is distinguishes an oriental carpet knot by hand?

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Handmade Persian rugs have a complex and high-quality elaboration. Hand knotting requires a lot of experience and fewer people dominate the technique.

The carpets are elaborated in the looms with a lot of dedication, love and a great concentration to the details of high precision. The elaboration process can take months, and even years to complete.

For this reason, hand-knotted oriental carpets are high-value possessions, these hand-knotted carpets in the East have their own character and individuality, which no industrially-made carpet can achieve. They are also made of natural materials such as wool from trees or sheep wool, which are the most used, although materials such as silk or camel hair are also used.

The colors of the rugs are extracted from nature. These are much more complex and deep than synthetic colors. A mark of the true quality in terms of the hand knotting of the oriental carpets refers, they are small errors in knotted motifs, even the best knotter can commit them because there are times when the yarn must be transposed to a different place to the expected.

Carpets properly manufactured in machines are free of errors and their quality cannot be compared to the original ones. Do not be influenced by these small peculiarities during the purchase, on the contrary: pay attention to these small details. It is always advisable to buy rugs from Authentic Persian Rugs Store.

There are oriental carpets from many countries, such as Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, China or Nepal. The most famous representatives of oriental carpets are of course Iranian Persian rugs. However, it is worth taking a look at the other provinces that produce carpets.

What kind of oriental carpets are there?

There is a huge amount of oriental rugs. A good differentiation is provided by the subdivision by region. Although Persian carpets come from Iran, there are also other very popular types of carpets, such as those from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

If you want to buy an authentic rug, on the internet, you can buy many Best Oriental Rugs Stores.

Oriental rugs are distinguished by their processing: they do not contain velvet. They are made of flat cloth. These are especially popular and known for a while for the ethnic look that they give off. They are often elaborated by nomads who at the same time used them for various purposes, such as blankets for their tents or sleeping.

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